Whether you love or hate school uniforms, the reality is that these garments have many undisputed positive attributes. Here are some interesting facts about them that will surprise you:

(I) Uniforms reflect reality in society

If you think that restricted clothing in schools is just an artificial construction that hardly reflects real life, then you are really wrong. Have you considered how many occupations require the use of specific attractions? This includes emergency services workers, hotel staff, military personnel (the military has various clothing categories such as ceremonial, mess and general service attire, as indicated by the Australian Defense Force), stewardesses, pilots and many more.

Even professions that do not expressly set specific dress requirements also have unwritten dress codes. Why else should bankers and lawyers dress in elegant suits, usually in dark tones, without extravagant colors or extravagant clothes?

Just as you would go to work dressed in official clothing and leave all your casual clothes for home or casual wear, you should also feel comfortable wearing formal uniforms when you attend your classes. If you really want to express your individuality and unique personality, let that wait until you get back from school; This is most likely exactly what you will do in the future after a hard day at work.

(ii) Could uniforms make you more creative?

Have you noticed which countries top designers like Miuccia Prada, Vivienne Westwood and Rei Kawakubo come from? Well, they all come from Italy, Britain or Japan, countries that are known for their uniform policies in schools. However, the interesting thing is that the works of these designers are known to go beyond the limits of fashion and art.

On the other hand, we have a group of designers whose work bears a striking resemblance to uniforms. These include Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. Where do these designers come from? Of all the places in the world, they would not be expected to come from the United States, which has had a lot of flexibility in its school dress code.

Could it be that the experience of adhering to strict and uniform policies, over the years of learning, leads to less conventional creativity, rather than stifling it?

(iii) A cheaper option

All parents are sure to bemoan the added cost of attending to a child’s education, simply because uniforms have to be purchased as well as books, stationery, and other school necessities. This may seem like a high price to pay just for your child to learn. Wouldn’t it be a lot cheaper if your child didn’t have to buy other clothes in addition to what they already have?

If you think wearing uniforms is more expensive, you haven’t considered how picky young children are when it comes to choosing their own clothes. Just when you think your boy or girl has all the clothes they need, you go back to the store for another pair of pants or a new shirt, simply because the one you bought has apparently gone out of style.

Fortunately, uniforms are never fashionable or old-fashioned, they are simply uniforms, always reliable and easy to wear. The only time you need to buy a new pair is if the one you bought wears out.

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