There are many shopping cart platforms that offer some beneficial features to launch and promote your store. But BigCommerce has taken a unique approach to offer you more than the typical shopping features. The functions not only help you set up a new e-store, but also optimize it according to your business needs. Many companies switch to BigCommerce from other popular platforms for many reasons. It facilitates all the necessary processes to set up an electronic store for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the business or have an established name, BigCommerce has the features that give you maximum support like no other.

Here are some points that make you understand why BigCommerce is better than others.

1. Mobile templates:

Mobile device users are increasing in number every day. It has also shown that people use mobile devices more than desktop computers to search for products or services. Every template and theme offered by BigCommerce is mobile. The responsive design of your store adapts very well to any screen size. This ensures that your store looks attractive on all devices. When people easily access your store, your visibility will increase.

2. Open store in Social Platform:

Marketers have already pointed out that social platforms are the market on the rise. They are more than just a means of social gathering. Promote your products on social media and let consumers follow you. This is an interactive platform where your consumers can contact you. BigCommerce has a special feature with which you can drive more traffic to your store from social media. Help buyers promote their products with others.

3. Promote products in reputable markets:

With BigCommerce, you will get more exposure. Since this shopping cart platform has been associated with popular industry names, you can sell products in some big marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. As it has a higher value to the consumer, you can expect an increase in sales through these channels. This move will not only help you increase your sales, but it will also help you improve your brand values.

4. Get the benefits of shopping feeds:

BigCommerce has the option that easily connects you to the shopping feed websites. Since these sites play a valuable role in driving traffic to your store, you will make an amazing profit from these feeds. BigCommerce has integrated with popular sites like Google Product Search, Price Grabber, Shopzilla, and more.

5. Offer a simple return policy:

When you value your consumers, they will trust you. Offering a simple return policy is a must for any eCommerce store. BigCommerce offers more features than other contemporary shopping cart platforms. Managing product inventory in BigCommerce is easier for anyone to manage and take care of the purchase order.

6. Offer more options for payment gateways:

BigCommerce integrates with industry leaders and offers a variety of payment gateways. You can choose any payment method as well as the different companies that best suit your business. Some of the big names coming to your service are, PayPal, Google Checkout, and more. A digital wallet is another inclusion that helps shoppers use their wallet while purchasing a product.

7. Choose your shipping providers:

When you open a store in BigCommerce, you take care of all your needs, from designing a store to promoting your products. This platform goes beyond typical services and offers you the benefits of choosing shipping providers. This is a unique approach that helps you easily grow your business just by opening a store.

8. Enjoy SEO services:

Optimization is very important when you want to lead the race. Your store needs proper SEO to more easily reach your consumers. BigCommerce offers you SEO management that optimizes your keyword and describes your pages to make them search engine friendly. There are other options available in BigCommerce that are important to retain proof from consumers. You constantly target your buyers’ network by sending a series of promotional and informational emails about products and services.

Switching to BigCommerce allows you to capture more of the attention of your consumers. This platform represents your product in an attractive way and helps you with the goal of converting your visitors into your buyers. The functions and features that this shopping cart offers are really amazing and useful for any business.

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