The title of this article may sound a bit silly to you, but if you Google this phrase, you will find over 13 million articles containing the words * little brown worms in clothing *. Since one of these articles is on my blog, and quite a few visitors find my blog by searching for this phrase, I decided to find out more about this topic.

Almost all the articles I found are in the “questions and answers” category. And, perhaps not so strange, many of them are not unique. Some are actually exact copies of the original questions and answers. I found three groups of these identical items:

1. “Little brown worms on your clothes?” – This is the oldest group, originally posted in 2005 on the forum. There are only two copies, the first to appear five years later on Yahoo Answers.

2. “What are these little brown worms found under clothes on the floor?” – This is the largest group of identical articles, and according to Google, it consists of 219 websites (including my own blog). The original question first appeared in 2008 on Yahoo Answers. Obviously, many webmasters thought that this question would be of interest to their visitors.

3. “I found little brown worms in my clothes and bedding.” – This was originally a question posed on the Canadian version of Yahoo Answers in 2010, and has only 9 copies.

Other articles were not cited as widely as these three. I managed to find another 9 to read before succumbing to utter boredom.

So what was interesting about the little brown worms in the clothes? What did people want to know about them?

What are they?

Most of the responses to this question suggested that the tiny worms were some type of insect larvae, most likely carpet beetle larvae. Other speculations included worms, millipedes, and “flea poop.”

What do I do with them?

The first thing, of course, is to get rid of them. If the little worms aren’t dead yet, then they can be easily dispatched with whatever bug killer you have on hand.

The next problem is making sure the brown worms don’t reappear. Therefore, you need to thoroughly clean the clothes in which they were found. Then fumigate the closet. And lastly, don’t let your clothes sit on the floor for weeks.


I realize that none One of the questions was answered by someone scientifically qualified to diagnose the nature of the tiny brown worms. Therefore, I would recommend that if you are not terribly upset about your appearance, or particularly worried about your reappearance, you try the proposed solutions. But if you are completely in awe of these “little brown worms in clothes” then call in a professional bug exterminator!

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