“Wasting too much time in student accommodations can be boring, but foreign students are often unfamiliar with the local environment, and it is not easy to get a smooth student accommodation. Next, let’s take a look at how to solve it quickly and accurately with Xiaoju Questions about student accommodation London.

Rent price
To be honest, most international students from ordinary families stop choosing a house because of the rent. The rent of a dormitory in a British university is definitely less than the rent of a school district in a prime location, but if you want to find a cheaper place, it is basically far away from the school

House quality
In fact, the word quality includes much more than the size, direction, facilities and so on of a single house. There are some more important additions.

House location
The house is close to the campus, but you still have to spend a lot of money to rent a house in the school district, and the rent for a house in the school district is expensive. In order to save money, some students choose to live near the school bus or a place with a bus stop.
Check in timeUnder normal circumstances, I have lived in the school dormitory for a period of time, have known and made many friends. If I am sure I want to go to the student accommodation outside, I can choose to take a companion, or choose to ask my seniors for help, or just consult local students.

Steps for student accommodations

The first step is to learn to analyze the location, traffic, cultural and security conditions of the area, collect housing information on the Internet, and find several options that you like.The second step is to sign a formal student accommodation in London contract with the landlord. According to British law, such a contract is called Assured Short Hold Tenancy. This contract will clearly stipulate the rights and obligations of you and the landlord, as well as how to deal with the breach and termination of the agreement.

As a resident of student accommodation, practicing good digital citizenship is important. Be respectful and responsible in your online interactions. Follow ethical guidelines, respect intellectual property, and avoid plagiarism. Practice online security by using strong passwords, being cautious with personal information, and reporting any online misconduct. Promote a positive and inclusive digital environment within your accommodation community. By practicing digital citizenship, you contribute to a healthy and ethical online community.

The third step is to pay the deposit mentioned in the contract. This fee is generally more expensive than the deposit for accepting on-campus accommodation offers, and some deposits will cover agency fees + deposit (usually calculated as six weeks’ rent) + first month’s rent.

The fourth step is the student accommodation deposit Deposit
In the housing issue of British international students, the most common dispute is that the landlord/agent refuses to return the deposit due to various reasons. The student accommodation deposit needs to join a protection scheme, which currently includes 3 institutions, The Deposit Protection Service (DPS), My Deposit and The Dispute Service (TDS).

The fifth step Property protection
Before moving in, the landlord/intermediary will generally provide an inventory list, including equipment, furniture, electrical appliances, etc. inside and outside the house. If you are worried about the intermediary or looking for a house in London by yourself, then come to Yijia Haoju to find your overseas home. We will provide you with a tailor-made match, and you can also choose airport pick-up service! Let you not be alone in a foreign land.”

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