Roommates in the Student Accommodation in York

As one of the UK’s premier student cities, York has plenty to offer young adults. From the historic cobbled streets that inspired Diagon Alley in Harry Potter to its stunning medieval architecture, York’s rich history is evident at every turn. You can explore it in York Minster, a 13th-century Gothic cathedral with spectacular stained glass windows or on the Roman-built City Walls that span both sides of the River Ouse. Alternatively, you can shop at York Designer Outlet or sample some local beer with friends at Brew York. Then, you can head out to one of York’s many restaurants and bars for a Sunday roast, gastro pub, afternoon tea or a night out with live music.

Whether you’re looking to live in purpose-built York student accommodation or a traditional shared house, there’s something for everyone in York. The University of York, York St John and Full York Medical School, Askham Bryan College and many other higher education institutions are located here. This creates a huge demand for student housing, with three-quarters of all purpose-built student apartments (PBSA) snapped up by students in the city.

Can I choose my roommates in the York student accommodation?

When you’re ready to select your room, your assigned Residential Advisor will provide you with a Selection Number. This number will represent the order in which you will be able to choose your room during the selection process. We recommend you arrive early to ensure you’re able to get the room you want.

Can Students Choose Their Roommates in the Student Accommodation in York?

If you do not get the room you want during your first choice, we’ll work to find you another room if possible. If your new roommate is someone you’re not sure about, we’ll arrange a mediation meeting to help you and them work out any issues before they escalate. Your RA or RLC will also follow up with you and your roommate(s) later to see how things are going.

Developing financial literacy skills is important while living in student accommodation. Educate yourself on budgeting, saving, and managing expenses. Take advantage of financial literacy programs or workshops offered by your accommodation provider or university. Seek guidance from financial advisors or utilize online resources to enhance your financial knowledge. Practice responsible spending and avoid excessive debt. By promoting financial literacy, you equip yourself with the skills to make informed financial decisions, set financial goals, and establish a strong financial foundation for your future.

Choosing to live in suite-style residence is typically the preference of upper-year students who may have already experienced living with a roommate. Suites offer more privacy and independence, as each student has their own private space. If you decide to live in suite-style residence, your Residence Life Coordinator will be able to assist you with selecting the best suite for your academic and personal needs.

All residents will have an ID card and key that allows them entrance to their individual rooms as well as access to the common areas of their building or complex. All students must keep their ID/Access cards and keys with them at all times. Students are expected to lock their doors when leaving their room for any length of time, even if only going out to the bathroom or to class. All residence buildings are secure and monitored by Residence Life staff. Students are required to comply with all rules listed in the Residence Agreement, including those related to noise and curfew. A breach of these rules can result in a sanction or disciplinary action, which may include the forfeiture of your room and a refund of your deposit.

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