Glass used to be used in homes and businesses solely for functional needs, such as windows and doors, and it wasn’t until about ten years ago that it began to be used as a feature, something to add interest and make a statement rather than purely for functionality.

A variety of different glasses are in use today, and each has different functions and uses, which can vary from home to business use. The main vessels used include:

  • textured glass

This glass can be used as a visual feature as well as a functional and structural building material and is a very popular choice among many architects. A variety of patterns can be used to create the textured look the customer requests, including bubbles, cracked effect, ice, studs and many more. Many companies also offer the added benefit of being able to tint the glass to the color of your choice, meaning it can be matched to the color scheme of the customer’s choice. Textured glass is probably the most versatile of the architectural glass ranges and can be used for balustrades, partitions, sliding doors, reception desks, cladding, accent walls, wet rooms, frameless doors and many other applications.

  • painted glass

Painted glass is often used now where mosaics were the only option in the past. It provides a soft, contemporary look and can help bring a sense of light and space to an interior. One of the main attractions of painted glass is that it can be combined with almost any color of paint, making it extremely versatile. As with all types of glass, painted glass will be toughened to meet British and European safety standards, which is extremely important considering this glass is often used in kitchens so can be subject to high temperatures. temperatures. Painted glass can be used for kitchen backsplashes, countertops, bar fronts, office whiteboards, and many other applications.

  • Gold Glass

Gold glass is often used to bring light and reflection into a room and one of the many benefits of this type of glass is the fact that it can usually be made to your requirements. Gilding can be applied to glass in many different ways, including branches, mosaic squares, waves, and vintage looks, as well as a variety of colors such as gold, bronze, and silver. Gold glass can be used for accent walls, backsplashes, mirrors, artwork, door panels, tabletops, and many other applications.

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