Move over from Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh, there’s a new sheriff in town who’s taking the collector card game community by storm. New on the scene is Bakugan Brawlers.

Adapted from a Japanese animation that debuted in 2007. The game was created which is a strategic card game, called Bakugan. Bakugan was developed by Sega Toys and Spin Master and strategically released alongside the anime series.

The Bakugan Trading Card Game uses metal cards and magnetic spring-loaded miniature figures in the shape of marbles, called Bakugan. The object of the game is to capture three of your opponent’s Gate cards or defeat all of his Bakugan.

What makes Bakugan unique from the other trading card games on the market, like Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh, is that you not only have to use strategy with your card placement, but also the ability to shoot your Bakugan miniatures so they end up landing on a card.

The Bakugan Trading Card Game was so successful in the 2008 holiday season that tournament-style events were held at various Toy’s R Us locations across the US. Another thing that sets Bakugan apart from other trading card games is that the rules are so easy to learn that kids as young as four can pick up and start playing right away.

Many add-ons were created for the Bakugan Trading Card Game, such as a battle arena and bakugan shooting devices, but the only thing required to play the game is three bakugan marbles and 3 bakugan cards for each participant. Bakugan Battle Brawlers Battle Packs are a starter set made for two kids, containing 6 bakugan and 6 battle cards.

Other offerings in the Bakugan Trading Card Game are Bakugan Booster Packs, which come in Bakugan Starter Pack Red and Bakugan Starter Pack Blue. The game is already becoming a collectors frenzy with unique rare and desirable cards similar to the other trading card games.

The old game of marbles combined with the 20th century fashion of collectible card games, combined into a new collectible card game, is unique and creates great excitement for young and old alike.

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