Comte is the most consumed cheese in France. A very rare and special cheese, only the best kindred from France can produce the best tasting Comte in the country.

Comte is rumored to have been made for centuries, dating back to the time of Charlemagne. Although it is an ancient cheese, Comte comes with a very strong and modern flavor. It has an ivory-colored paste with scattered holes the size of a hazelnut. It has a complex and nutty flavor, but it has a caramelized flavor that makes it palatable.

Comte is a firm paste cheese made from raw milk, produced in the generous and lush green Jura region of France. It is the most popular cheese in France, and currently has a number of different flavors including apricot, chocolate, butter, cream, and grilled bread. Comte is a perfect appetizer cut into small cubes. It’s a traditional fondue cheese, but it’s also great when chopped, melted, or grated.

Marcel Petite Affinneurs has been practicing the art of aging Comte for over a hundred years. In the 1960s, they seized Fort Saint-Antoine, a fort built in 1879 as protection against a possible Prussian assault from Switzerland. After taking possession of the fort, Marcel Petite had a roof built over the courtyard and covered it with earth. As soon as the aging operations began, the affinneur had around 300 wheels on hand.

Petite revolutionized the way cheese was aged in France. He began to age his Comte’s wheels for longer periods of time at lower temperatures. The meticulous and meticulous maturation process spearheaded by Marcel Petite allows cheesemakers to control the Comte, specifying its age, flavor and aroma.

Each Comte wheel has the most fruity number, the month and the year of production embedded in its side. Once the wheels are produced and marked, they are sold by related workers or cheesemakers, who store the cheese for many months to mature. Every afineur lives and dies by their reputation for finding and caring for the best cheeses available, and among the Comte affineur elite, no one stands out as much as Marcel Petite.

An elaborate process is followed before a Comte wheel passes industry standards. At Fort Saint-Antoine, the cheesemaker leads a team of five tasters who spend every day tasting and testing about 300 cheese wheels just to determine how to proceed with each individual wheel. After tasting, the tasters decide how long the wheels will age. It is this process with careful attention to detail that makes Marcel Petite Comte the best in the world.

There are many companies that sell cheese in the United States, but none have made the effort to go through as many complications as Marcel Petite Affineurs. A Marcel Petite Comte captures the true flavor of France. Try and find out for yourself; Get your own Comte Wheel today!

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