Getting a great Physique is always going to be a challenge, and nothing screams dedication like a Flat and Toned Stomach.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there about methods to get a flat and toned stomach; it’s hard to understand which methods will work and which methods are just wastes of time.

I’m going to reveal 3 weird secrets that will speed up your efforts to get flat, toned abs.

  1. Crunches and Crunches Won’t Flatten Your Stomach. Isolating your exercise solely to your stomach will not give you 6-Pack Abs. The reason you don’t have six pack abs right now is that your body fat percentage is too high. You need to reduce your Body Fat levels to reveal your Flat and Toned Stomach muscles hidden underneath.
  2. Heavy compound exercises build your core muscles much better than any abdominal isolation exercise.. The two best exercises for reducing body fat and building core muscles are squats and deadlifts. Both exercises are potentially dangerous and should be performed after a detailed demonstration by a professional. If you want to build your core strength, the fastest way to get flat, toned abs is to incorporate squats and deadlifts into your exercise routine.
  3. Whole foods are not your friend. Despite all the information to the contrary, whole foods will destroy your efforts to achieve a flat and toned stomach. Whole foods are packed with excess carbohydrates that take a lifetime to assimilate into the body. This excess energy will always end up being stored in the form of Fat. You can instantly see that this is not going to help you look for a flat and toned stomach. Try to reduce your carbohydrate intake and do it early in the day, this gives your body time to fully burn this energy. Sleeping with a body full of unused carbohydrates is a sure fire way to gain fat. Instead, focus on muscle-building foods like chicken and tuna; both are packed with protein and will aid your muscle recovery without adding body fat.

Following these three simple rules will definitely improve your chances of success in getting flat, toned abs.

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