This week I was asked about the meaning of house numbers in Feng Shui. Numbers play a very important role in our life, we are often attracted to certain numbers because they have a special resonance for us or they play a central role in our lives. The study of numbers is called numerology and it is worth looking at in more detail as it can tell us a lot about ourselves. For example, my date of birth, my name, my kua number add up to the number 3. In numerology, all 3 are creative, excellent communicators, they have a message to say, they are good teachers, trainers, coaches. So, I think it’s no wonder that I earn a living training and training as that is what I love to do. But in addition to this, because I am a strong 3, I am constantly drawn to the number 3 in life. I have lived in three houses that were number 3, a fourth house had two 3’s in the number. Our current house does not have a number, but the zip code adds up to 3. Number 3 is constantly focused on my life and when it does, it naturally attracts me.

When looking at house numbers in the context of Feng Shui, we should not confuse it with numerology. The numbers in Feng Shui have a different focus and are linked to the vibrations of the energy around us, not to our internal energies. Just because my inner energies are represented by the number 3 does not mean that I will be even more creative if I live in a house with the number 3. As a 3 I would be creative and a good communicator even if I lived in a cave. No, in Feng Shui we must focus on the external areas of our life that are supported by our house number. The number 1, for example, supports our professional fortune, which is associated with the energy in the north of our house. If you live in a house where the front door is facing north and your house is number 1, then you may find that good luck in your career comes naturally to you, whatever that career is controlled by your energy. internal.

Below, I have highlighted how different house numbers affect the external energy in your home. When looking at your house number, you must add the numbers and then reduce to one digit to find the main number. For example, house number 1715 would add up to 5 (1 + 7 + 1 + 5 = 14, 1 + 4 = 5). Then, look at all the numbers contained within the number, in this case 1, 7, and 5 to find the supporting secondary numbers.

Houses that add to or contain the number 1 are very good for professional or business fortune. If it is the main number, note that it does not focus so much energy on your business or career that it detracts from other areas of your life.

Houses that add to or contain the number 2 are very good for love. If you are looking for love, you will surely find it if your house number adds up to the number 2.

Houses that add to or contain the number 3 are great for harmonious family relationships. If 3 is the main number, be careful not to focus all your energy on your family and neglect other areas of your life. People who live in houses whose numbers add up to 3 may have a tendency to pass up other opportunities for the sake of their family.

Contrary to popular belief, house numbers that add up to or contain the number 4 are very auspicious for financial success. My first house was number 22, which when added was 4. The move to this house coincided with a meteoric rise in my corporate career that allowed me to earn a very comfortable income. Interestingly, it was a new build and was designated on the plans as plot 11, which shows that the original house number (see house number 1) can have a significant impact on your life as well (and yes, I was lucky in the love in this house. too!)

Seen as the most balanced of all numbers, the core number 5 supports the health of the home. Energy circulates very freely in homes that add or contain the number 5

The house numbers that add up to the number 6 are social houses. You are likely to make friends easily if you live in a house with a 6 as the primary number. Be careful not to neglect other areas of your life as your social life takes off.

Houses that add to or contain the number 7 are great if you want to grow personally or develop new skills and knowledge. This is especially true if the house faces northeast, the direction that supports development and knowledge acquisition. The Chinese see self-development as one of the five factors for a lucky life, and therefore living in a house that adds up to the number 7 can be seen as very auspicious.

Houses that have the number 8 as the main number are good houses for raising children. 8 is also the creativity number so that people living in houses that contain or add up to 8 can develop creatively or artistically. If you want to have children, you have a good chance of success if you live in a house with the number 8. Be careful if you have children and live in a house with the main number 8 that your children do not rule the chicken coop.

The number 9 promotes self-confidence and self-esteem. If you live in a house that adds up to 9, you are likely to be very successful if you focus on yourself. Be careful if 9 is the main number that you do not focus on yourself and neglect other people, some people who live in houses with number 9 can be seen as selfish and self-centered.

We finally get to the number 0. 0 will never be a leading number, but your house can contain one or more zeros in the number. If you have a 0 in your house number, then you are open to limitless possibilities and opportunities, and your home will attract a constant flow of positive energy. However, be careful to harness this energy for your own inner desires to ensure that it is helpful in the pursuit of your dreams.

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