Buying cabinet hardware is a lot of fun because it involves putting the finishing touches on a new kitchen. Even if you decided to save some money and just replace the cabinet doors and cabinet hardware, it’s like buying all new kitchen cabinets because the look of your kitchen will change dramatically. The type of cabinet hardware you select says a lot about your personality, so choosing carefully is very important. Here are some ideas to keep in mind as you choose new cabinet hardware.

Style and Material
The two biggest things to think about when you start looking for cabinet hardware are style and material. Brushed nickel is currently one of the most popular materials, although there are also many others to choose from. Other options include copper, pewter, and stainless steel. Just think about the color of the hardware and what would look good with the type of wood you have. In addition to color, also think about the style of the cabinets and the overall feel of your kitchen. Is it simple or elegant? Elegant or country? Modern or classic?

It is also important to consider appliances. If you intend to have stainless steel appliances, then you’ll probably want cabinet hardware that shares the same silver hue. Some pieces even have a two-tone look, so it’s certainly possible to get that silver look on your hardware of choice, while still paying homage to another shade of metallic color found in your kitchen.

Sweaters or Goatees
Another important question when it comes to cabinet hardware is whether you prefer cabinet knobs or pulls. Knobs tend to be a bit simpler in style because they are often a single color with very little decoration. Cabinet pulls, on the other hand, are a complete handle that can be used to open the cabinet. They have a lot more room to be stylish, so it’s not unusual for those with a fancier kitchen to choose cabinet pulls over simple knobs for their hardware.

Ease of use and cleaning
One thing that many people don’t consider when shopping for hardware is how easy it is to use and clean the parts. For example, some hardware has very intricate designs, but these intricate designs will be very difficult to keep clean. Also, the hardware parts that come in some forms are very difficult for people with arthritis or other hand problems to use. Keep both in mind when shopping for the right pieces for your kitchen.

save money
One thing a lot of people don’t know about cabinet hardware is the fact that it’s so easy to save money on parts. Buying from a retailer is like asking to pay more for the same parts. Most retailers or cabinet companies will sell these pieces of hardware for three times what they are actually worth at retail. However, many companies that make hardware sell the same parts wholesale over the Internet. Buying hardware online is a great way to save a lot of money on hardware. However, always make sure you only buy one piece of hardware to start with. This will allow you to test the quality of the hardware and make sure that it really is comparable to what is marked three times the price at the retail store. Heavier hardware parts are of higher quality, so keep this in mind when comparing the feel of parts.

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