Praia do Forte, the fishing village that has become a major tourist destination, owes its fame to its beautiful beaches, its nature conservation projects and shopping opportunities. Just fifty miles from Salvador, the capital of Bahia, the resort town is easily accessible by road, sea, and air.

The immense tourism potential combined with the charm of a resort town ensures that real estate here is in high demand. There is a wide variety of properties for sale in Praia do Forte. You will find good residential and commercial real estate for your own use or for investment purposes.

An Overview Of Real Estate For Sale In Praia do Forte

If you are looking for a home, Praia do Forte has great apartments and houses on offer. Most of them are located in ideal areas for a quiet and relaxed life with all the leisure facilities. Land and commercial real estate are also available.

You will find apartments in attractive condominiums with many amenities. The price starts from around R$265,000 and goes up to R$1,300,000. An average apartment could cost you around R$633,300.

House prices start from around R$395,000 and the range is really wide, with some houses costing up to 6,003,000. The average house will cost around R$ 1,901,000.

Being an intensive tourism area, Praia do Forte is an excellent place to invest in shops, restaurants and similar outlets. These commercial spaces can also be a good investment for rental income. The cost can vary from R$ 150,000 to R$ 520,000 with an average of R$ 304,600.

The supply of land available for sale in this town is very wide both in size and in price. The land is available for residential and commercial applications. Prices can range between R$300,000 and R$26,000,000 depending on the size of the lot. The average is around R$3,250,000 for commonly offered land.

Apartments In Praia do Forte

The lowest range of apartments costs up to R$ 420,000. Even the lowest priced apartments are very well located. Some condos are located close to town, some are facing the lagoon or facing the ocean, and others are near the beach or near the Tamar project. You will also find apartment buildings that are part of resort complexes.

These one-bedroom apartments range from 25 to 80 square feet. meters of built area. You will get a swimming pool, a garden or green area and parking in most of the apartments. Some condos offer a playground. Most of the apartments come semi or fully furnished. Other amenities you can expect are 24 hour security, gym, sauna, club, game room and party area. Apartments in resort complexes enjoy all of their leisure facilities, including bars, restaurants and golf courses, but some facilities are offered on a pay-as-you-go basis.

With a budget of R$ 420,000 to R$ 850,000, most of the apartments in Praia do Forte are within your reach. Again, you can expect very nice locations close to the beach, the sea and the town. Some condos provide direct access to the beach. Most of the condominiums offer duplex apartments and the buildings usually have high construction standards and excellent finishes.

Size in this price range will range from 45 to 200 square feet. meters Although some lower-priced apartments are one-bedroom units, most apartments offer two to four bedrooms or suites. You can expect a large swimming pool, perhaps a separate one for the children, a large garden or green area and parking for multiple vehicles. Some apartments come fully furnished. In addition to the amenities mentioned above, you can expect a service area, sports courts, barbecue area, laundry, bar, jacuzzi, reception, and concierge service.

The best apartments in the city are priced above R$ 850,000 and are located in premium areas. You can expect the condo to be on the beach or you can get an oceanfront condo very close to the center of town. The size varies from 90 to 200 m2. meters of built area that offers from two to four suites. There are furnished and unfurnished apartments available.

You can expect a large well designed pool and usually a separate one for the kids. A large, well-designed garden or green area with trees and parking for several cars is usually available. You will find a lot of leisure facilities among those discussed in the other price ranges. Some condos offer maid’s quarters, visitor parking, and Wi-Fi Internet. Security is usually the best, often with surveillance cameras.

A wide variety of houses

The price of the houses starts well below R$ 1,000,000. You can get houses under construction that offer good value for money in this range. For example, you can get a house with approximately 180 square meters. meters of built area and with two to three bedrooms in a community that offers good common facilities for about R$ 400,000. You can also get older houses in this price range, but some may need renovation.

Most of the houses are priced between R$ 1,000,000 and R$ 1,850,000. They are located in luxury gated communities located near the beach or town. Communities near the sea often have direct access to the beach. You will also find homes in this range that are located in resorts.

Expect parcel sizes from 300 to 900 square feet. meters according to price and location with 180 to 425 m2. meters of construction Some houses come furnished and most have a pool, garden, security and parking. Other facilities that may be available are employee quarters, service area, party area, storage shed, well, water storage tanks, bar, barbecue, lounge, office, and play area. The concierge may also be available. The houses of the tourist complexes have access to all the leisure facilities that are offered there.

High-end houses that cost more than R$1,850,000 are usually large luxury houses built on large plots of more than 1,000 m2. meters with a lot of green area. Some are located in gated communities. You will get the best locations in the city. Sometimes another smaller house is available on the same plot that can be used for guests, employees or for rent. The built area in this range varies from 270 to 900 m2. meters You can expect four to seven suites and some houses to come fully furnished.

High-end houses have many facilities both on the premises and in the common facilities. You can expect a large, well-designed garden, a premium swimming pool and good parking facilities. You will also find houses with premium architecture and construction quality.

Commercial Real Estate in Praia do Forte

If you want to invest in commercial real estate, you will find shops and businesses in the most advantageous locations in the city or near tourist attractions such as the Tamar project. They are good for starting your own store or for renting. The outlets are likely to do a brisk business thanks to the increasing number of visitors coming to this city.

Buy Land In Praia do Forte

At Praia do Forte, you will get land suitable for both residential and commercial purposes. Plots of 400 to 500 m2. meters that is suitable for construction of single-family homes is available in well-developed condominiums that have all the facilities. You can also find large tracts of land of up to one hectare slightly outside the city that are suitable for the construction of country houses. This type of land will cost up to R$ 2,250,000.

Land for commercial investments of more than 10 hectares and suitable for the development of large residential communities, hotels, resorts or for resale, since there are smaller lots available for prices above R$ 2,250,000.

There are many real estate properties for sale in Praia do Forte, both for residential and commercial purposes. They are attractive to both end users and investors. As a rapidly developing city, real estate here has the potential for capital appreciation. The city’s tourism potential also provides good opportunities to generate rental income. This is also a great place to lead a quiet life in the company of nature. A vacation home in Praia do Forte will also be an excellent idea.

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