In October of 2006, the internet marketing community was swept away. A new product called Affiliate ProjectX was released to the Internet community. There was almost a frenzy in the market. So this product was going to be a revelation or just another scam.

Let’s start by examining why so many people wanted a product like this. First of all, many internet marketers were trying to make a living on the internet. A myriad of products had told everyone that they could get rich overnight. There were many examples cited of people earning thousands of dollars per day. That would get anyone’s attention. The sad truth about internet marketing is that there are no easy ways to get rich or so it seems.

Internet marketers realized that ClickBank and affiliate marketing was one of the best ways to make money online. However, the secret was out and the market had become really competitive. Many were spending a fortune on Google Adwords, but only a few managed to discover that elusive pot of gold.

Now a new product, Affiliate ProjectX was on the market and promised to make those who wanted it earn a living from the internet market.

Affiliate ProjectX is an electronic book of about 71 pages and is divided into four main sections. The first section is an introduction to affiliate marketing, a brief summary of the basics. The second section is really the meat and potatoes of the product as it provides details of the methods that will be used to become a successful affiliate or internet marketer. Section three provides some advanced techniques. Section four is the conclusion.

Section 2 consists of six main methods. The names of these methods give an indication of exactly what needs to be done and are certainly easier to remember than the boring names that are normally used. The methods are:

Method 1 – The Leech on the art of pre-selling products.

Method 2 – Affiliate journaling is all about building a subscription list and then marketing to that list.

Method 3 – The Workhorse is a more foolproof way of making money, however it requires a lot more work than the other methods.

Method 4: Thief in the Night is all about finding products sold by super affiliates and riding the wave before market saturation.

Method 5 – Copy the best is about finding out what your competition is doing and simply copying them or doing a better job. You can also spy on them. really fun!

Method 6: The Opportunist is about how to market new products before the market becomes saturated.

So, in a nutshell, you have six methods that the author, Chris X, actively uses and has turned out to be very successful. My preferred method is the workhorse method, while definitely more work is more likely to deliver a guaranteed result at the end of the day.

In conclusion, this product has turned out to be a revelation. For once, a product that does what it says on the tin. But keep in mind that, like any successful money-making venture, action and hard work are required.

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