Know Before Renting Student Accommodation in Lancashire

If you’re looking to rent student accommodation in Lancashire, you have plenty of choice. From student flats to palatial student homes, there’s something for everyone in this popular university city. If you’re new to renting, it’s important to understand what your responsibilities as a tenant will be. This will include reading your tenancy agreement before signing it and taking any concerns you have to the landlord. If you don’t understand any part of the contract, get someone who does to check it over for you.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that students have different needs when it comes to their accommodation. For example, they might be more likely to have a pet or use the property for entertaining guests. It’s worth ensuring the landlord is aware of this so they can accommodate it as best they can.

Landlords who offer student accommodation have much greater responsibilities than those who rent to single households. They have to follow stricter safety regulations and must ensure that the property is well insulated and has no drafty areas. They also need to make sure the fire alarm is working and that the escape routes are clear. Landlords who offer student accommodation often employ a local cleaner to visit the property on a fortnightly basis to clean communal spaces and keep them in good condition.

Another consideration when searching for Lancashire student accommodation is the level of security. It’s worth asking if the landlord has installed burglar alarms and whether there’s a neighbourhood watch programme. This will help to protect your belongings and may even have a positive impact on your insurance.

What You Need to Know Before Renting Student Accommodation in Lancashire

Most students will be coming straight from living at home so are not familiar with paying bills and maintaining their own properties. It’s important to discuss this with prospective tenants and make sure that they can afford the rent on time each month and are capable of doing so. It’s also worth considering setting up a direct debit and reference checks to help prevent late payments.

Student populated areas are often targeted by burglars so it’s vital that your student rental has adequate security measures. Make sure that the property has a Yale lock on every door and a burglar alarm. It’s also worth checking that there are no weak points in the property’s locks and that the entrance is secure.

The importance of mental health and well-being cannot be overstated. College life often brings new challenges and increased stress levels. Accessible mental health resources and support systems within student accommodation can play a vital role in promoting student well-being. On-site counseling services, peer support programs, and educational initiatives regarding mental health contribute to creating a nurturing environment where students feel supported and empowered.

If you’re looking for modern Lancashire student accommodation, take a look at Friargate Court. This contemporary student halls in Preston offers a range of ensuite and studio options, great social areas and an on-site gym. It’s also only a three-minute walk from the University of Central Lancashire. Alternatively, for more affordable student accommodation in Preston, you could opt for Leighton Hall. This budget student accommodation in Preston provides a comfortable base for UCLan students with ensuite and studio rooms as well as TV and movie screening lounges, an on-site gym and more. It’s only a seven-minute walk from the university and ideally located for students looking to explore the city.

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