Bringing the body into ideal shape generally requires a lot of effort. Not only does it ask to burn stored calories, but it also requires people to reduce consumption. Wondering how? Well, the simplest way is to reduce the portion of food or skip one. But the focus should be to find an alternative that overcomes the deficiency of the necessary nutrients. At this stage, having a replacement drink would be the best possible option, as it contains all the minerals and nutrition that the body needs on a regular basis. However, the question remains: which product to choose? How would you meet all the body requirements? The answer is quite simple: IdealShape!

Without a doubt, eliminating a significant portion of calories on a daily basis can cause hunger, fatigue and malnutrition, which means that people would have to face a lot of difficulties to carry out their regular work. Fortunately, IdealShape has solved this problem by claiming to be the best replacement for one or two servings of food. Yes, people can now live healthy and actively perform all tasks regardless of whether they have skipped a meal.

Who makes IdealShape?

When looking at his name, most people get confused between IdealShape and IdealShape because of the words. To be clear, IdealShape is the name of the product manufactured by IdealShape LLC that was established by David Meine, a motivational speaker and writer. He started out as a writer and ended with the thought that something should be done to encourage people to live healthy and simple lives.

Realizing the importance of an ideal body shape, David founded IdealShape and introduced different supplements, consisting of weight loss drinks, fat burners, bars and meal replacement shakes. Each product tastes amazing and works as an effective hunger-blocking element, allowing users to burn excess fat and observe a significant change in their bodies on a regular basis.

Does IdealShape work?

Although exercise and healthy eating tend to be complementary, having meal replacement shakes is another important addition to reducing excess fat. Since these shakes are quite low in calories and responsible for meeting nutritional and mineral requirements, they help people transform their bodies efficiently. IdealShape is manufactured as a hunger-blocking element that controls cravings for up to 3 hours without producing feelings of deprivation. It tastes like a shake that provides whey protein for lean body building and fat burning. Ideally, people should drink 8 ounces of water after their intake. IdealShake has an amazing blend of fiber, Slendesta® hunger blocker (all-natural potato protein extract), and fiber. Slendesta is responsible for sending messages to the brain to produce more cholecytokinin (CCK), thus giving the impression that the body is filled with the necessary portion of food. Unlike other meal replacement shakes, users do not have to add the hunger-blocking ingredient on their own as it is built in.

IdealShape ingredients

Vitamins and Minerals: IdealShape has 20 different ingredients that must fulfill certain responsibilities.

• Vitamin A improves the level of the immune system and eyesight and maintains calcium content for proper communication between nerves, teeth and bones.

• Vitamin D keeps the immune system, bones and heart healthy

• Vitamin B supports muscle function and nerve cells

Some prominent minerals are:

• Niacin that maintains a good cholesterol level

• Folate improves mood and regulates brain functions

• Magnesium for heart and kidney health

• Riboflavin acts as a metabolic agent for fat and increases energy.

• Iron is to ensure good digestive health.

Protein Blend: One scoop of IdealShape contains 11g of protein which is appropriate for preserving muscles during dieting. Proteins usually have the following ingredients:

• Soy protein isolate

• Why isolate proteins

• Why protein concentrate

Fiber: a serving contains 5 g of fiber that acts as a hunger blocker and is extracted from ‘inulin’, a fiber in food supplements due to the presence of probiotic bacteria. Regulate the level of hunger and avoid overeating.

Potato Protein Extract or Slendesta – Responsible for making users lean and giving them leaner muscles. IdealShape has added it as a main ingredient to inhibit a hormone called cholecystokinin that reduces the level of hunger.

Maltodextrin – Normally metabolized compared to other carbohydrates. It is ideal for athletes and bodybuilders for an energy boost for training. It is also a thickening and filling agent for IdealShape flavors.

Papain and Bromelain: They are derived from papaya and pineapple in the form of protease enzymes. They are responsible for softening and digesting proteins; best to combat injury paint, arthritis and various digestive problems.

Enzymes: IdealShape has added varieties of enzymes in their products, including cellulose, lactase, protease, and lipase.

Are there possible side effects?

As long as users follow the instructions and do not go beyond the recommended use, nothing will go wrong. IdealShape suggests consulting with their experts if people are unsure how much to use regularly. However, this approach does not diminish the importance of these facts:

Today, medium replacement shakes and weight loss supplements use soy protein isolate to suppress appetite, so that users can observe a reduction in body fat in a short period of time. However, some studies have mentioned the potential harms of regular consumption of isolated soy protein, leading to serious health problems such as the immune system and thyroid complications. To avoid these complications, it is suggested to take a break of at least 2 hours between IdealShape and thyroid medication.


Natural ingredients are usually effective in the body when taken in adequate amounts. They can provide all the necessary nutrients and ensure good health. Protein and fiber are responsible for creating leaner muscles while promoting digestive health. IdealShape has turned out to be a good option as it is affordable and it showed results.

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