Weight is one of the difficult things that many struggle with in frustration. Although, in this situation, most realize the impact that excess weight can have on their health. Excess weight contributes to many health problems and worsens the quality of life.

When it comes to losing weight, some things work well while others fall short. By doing the same thing, making the same mistakes over and over again, plus getting the wrong information, it definitely won’t get you where you want to be. It takes a lot of discipline and realizing that changing your lifestyle is the only way you will be successful. You will have to work on it as well as making changes, such as how to eat, what diet to choose, the type of exercise, etc.

All of this as a combination is necessary when trying to overcome the debilitating nature of this condition. Waiting too long to do something about this situation is a mistake.

Mistake # 1

Make drastic changes while fasting; changing too many things at once is not sustainable, it will be related to failure and disappointment. Not only your way of thinking, your body must also have time to change. Being obese or overweight also means consuming the wrong food for a long time. Eliminate all the wrong stuff too fast like sugar carbs etc. It will not only affect your body, but also your mind. At the same time that the decline occurs, you should increase good nutrition, minerals and vitamins.

Mistake # 2

A long-standing, widely known investigation into undergoing surgery by reducing food intake has many times been unsuccessful and sometimes even fatal. When it comes to solving any weight problem, the only safe way is the natural one. Any surgery has a risk factor and should only be considered when there are no other options. Given the many years that your weight problem has existed, this too will take time to reverse. Therefore, if you have been given advice for a quick diet or lose weight quickly, remember that it is a mistake and it is not sustainable, failure is a certainty.

Mistake # 3

Carrying extra weight is a restriction in many ways. It is difficult or impossible to do what you used to do. Doing nothing to lose weight is a mistake. The immobility will get worse. It can lead to back pain, arthritis, joint pain, and diabetes due to the extra weight it carries and restricting movements.

This will take a lot of effort to get back in shape and stay there. The mistake many make is giving up too soon. The weight loss process is slower and better. Don’t try to speed up the process with drugs or pills; this does not work, it is not healthy and it is a mistake. Our bodies are as such from the things we eat, our blood cells and tissues grow independently and need a good quality of nutrition. When it comes to losing weight, taking natural supplements to help is a better way. It is a mistake to think that you cannot do this yourself. With the right mindset you will do it, just don’t give up once you have started.

Regardless of what the experts tell you!

Foods high in fat (the right fats) are often your best friends in the fight against weight. Weight loss occurs when you add simple nutrients to your diet every day that are found in abundance in natural foods. To improve metabolism and burn more fat, drink green and herbal teas instead of juices. Of course, this excludes juices that you make yourself from fresh fruits and vegetables, with no added sugar.

Weight loss has very little to do with calorie counting – you can actually eat all the food you want, as long as it’s the right food. Most of the major weight loss programs focus on the obsession with counting your daily calories. Back in the 1970s, experts told us that fat is bad. What they should have told us is that only some fats are bad. A totally fat-free diet is very harmful. A part of the body’s essential fuel is fat. The fact is, sugary low-fat and fat-free foods are more fattening than the original fat.

Avoid all breakfast cereals, juices, sodas, colas, etc. Drink water, coffee (black, without milk and sugar), use a little honey as a sweetener. Make your own juice; use herbs, spices, plant extracts, minerals, and vitamins. For example: Capsaicin, found in cayenne pepper, can fight obesity by lowering calorie intake, shrinking fat tissues, and lowering blood fat levels. Spicy food, chili peppers, hot peppers, habaneros, garlic, etc. it can prevent cancer, fight diabetes, and relieve pain. Spicy food combats fat accumulation by triggering beneficial changes in the body’s proteins. The latest findings on salt are: salt decreases thirst, salt increases hunger, and salt increases water retention. Quite the opposite of what we have been told about salt.

Remember: adequate fat does not increase your weight, sugar, processed foods, and carbohydrates do.

Exercise: Sitting too long too often is not a health benefit to your body. In fact, it becomes an independent risk factor for poor health and weight gain. Avoid sitting in one place; neither more nor less than an hour. It will be beneficial to walk a few steps before sitting down again. An unhealthy sitting posture is not only bad for your back, but it also affects your bloodstream, muscle tissues, and joints. Extreme exercise will not lose weight faster; brisk walking every day is a better option. Consistency in all of these is important to reach your goal and get the result you are looking for.

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