As you can probably guess, the term ‘Victorian architecture’ comes from the reign of Queen Victoria in the UK from mid-1837 to early 1901. During that time, the British used to name architectural styles after the monarch who ruled over it. period. So this trend in architecture originates from Great Britain, but spread to other countries, even other continents. In the past, royalty was very fond of art and different influences from unknown and therefore interesting cultures. That is why this particular style combines elements from the Middle East and Asia. The Victorian style is believed to have been passed down in other countries by English architects who emigrated to the four cardinal points of the world, taking their knowledge of what is in fashion at home to the new destination they headed for. That is the reason why Victorian houses can be seen in Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, etc. At that time, the communications and transportation industry was already developed to the point that information could travel faster as news than is fashionable in other remote places.

The Victorian period overlaps with the Industrial Revolution, which signifies technological development. This surely contributed to the more complex elements of home design at the time. There are very typical features of a house built in this style that are very distinctive. The first thing that might catch your eye when you see such a house is the kind of part of the roof that looks like a tower, which is often present. Another part of the roof has a steep slope and is built as different parts and not as a whole, so it does not have a regular shape. Generally, the pediment faces the front of a house, not the sides. But since the roof is divided into many parts, it is possible that some pediments are turned sideways. The walls are designed not to have a smooth effect, so they are built with textured tiles. The asymmetry was probably honored during the period, as the entire house was built with that idea in mind. Starting from the front, the porch can run along one side of the house and have detailed trim on the railing. The dormers are also very typical. Windows that extend outward from the main building level are also fairly common. These houses are usually built of wood and have two stores. The exterior of a Victorian house as described above is very easy to recognize.

Believe it or not, Victorian home design is still interesting and attractive to many. There are houses that are built to look that way with some modern touches here and there. In fact, they have a kind of romantic appearance and can become the pride of any neighborhood. Today, its very existence preserves the spirit of the past, making the property unique and remarkable. From the outside it may look like something out of a history book, but from the inside they can be decorated according to the contemporary trend if you prefer. If you want to be a proud owner of such a home, you should know that you can change the interior to suit your particular needs and preferences. A room can be turned into a dressing room, for example. The kitchen can be transformed in such a way that today’s appliances fit together. You can also add a garage without differentiating from the rest of the house.

The clash of the modern and the old should not be a clash, but an integration and combination so that both are shown and neither is forgotten.

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