Using a mass notification solution for emergencies

Although no one wants to think about emergency situations that might arise, someone has to if they are going to be prepared for them and be able to react appropriately. By planning ahead, you can ensure you have systems in place to help your employees and others react to the situation, and by choosing to have a mass notification solution for emergencies, you can ensure they have all the information they need. they need and that the information they have is correct and up-to-date. While there may be a variety of different mass notification solutions available to you, they all have one very important feature in common: they allow you to get in touch with your employees or anyone else you need to notify about the situation in record time. .

Why mass notification?

Although you may be wondering whether or not your business needs a mass notification solution, if you stop to think about the benefits that one of these systems could offer you in an emergency situation, it should be apparent that having a mass notification solution can both speed up the process of informing your employees about emergencies and ensure that the information they receive is accurate and up-to-date. You can also be sure that you won’t accidentally miss someone on your contact list or be unable to reach someone because they’re out of the office, as most mass notification solutions will automatically contact everyone on the contact list. established contacts and may attempt to reach them using several different methods until the system receives a response to show that they have received the message.

Notification Methods

There are a variety of different contact methods that can be used by a mass notification solution to get your message out to everyone who needs to receive it. Depending on the mass notification solution you choose, you can send your emergency notifications by email, a recorded phone message, fax, text messages to pagers or cell phones, and if the system is connected to your company’s computer network, You can even have the message appear on employees’ computer screens. If you set up the system correctly, messages will continue to be sent until the system receives a response, and if one method doesn’t work, it can automatically try alternative contact methods until it reaches everyone you’re trying to contact. .

Redundant and follow-up notification

To ensure that your mass notification solution reaches everyone in the shortest possible time during emergencies, you may want to use it to send redundant notifications using two or more of the methods described above at the same time. This will ensure no time is wasted as the system will notify employees and others using whatever method is available instead of just trying one to see if it works and then moving on to the next. You may also want to configure your mass notification solution to follow up and update those who are logged into the system so that you can keep them informed with the latest information on the situation until everything is resolved.

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