If you ever find yourself on a date with a girl and feel like taking things up a notch but are too scared to try because you don’t want to ruin your chances of a second date, how can you get her to kiss you? Is it even possible to get her to do it? Of course it is. Read on to discover the killer steps you can take to make a woman want to kiss you…

However, you must first know the proper techniques to do so. First of all, you must stop feeling any hint of shyness. Actually, you should be past that by now if you already have a date with her.

Now, be sure to watch your body language as this would be a vital weapon in looking for clues in your budding relationship. Whenever you’re with her, does she seem very comfortable in her skin?

Is there a smile on your face at all times? Does it look entertaining? If the answer is “no,” then you really should avoid getting involved in the whole kissing thing and just hope that a better time comes along in the near future.

How To Kiss The Girls: Steps To Ensure Success On The Field

Step #1: Be in the correct position. If a girl is totally relaxed around you and even rests her head on your shoulder, discreetly get your body into the proper kissing position so that, if the time is right, you can kiss her without uncomfortable body aches from doing so.

Step #2: Create the Right Report. Share great stories you may have about yourself. Listening to them might make her want to kiss you, just for being an awesome guy, in general.

Step #3: Establish the correct type of connection. At any point during the date, look into your girl’s eyes until she looks directly into yours. Then I took a quick glance at her lips before focusing on her eyes again. After doing this, move a little closer to her. She should take the hint by now and if she’s willing to kiss you back, she’ll end up getting a little closer to you in return.

Step #4: Flirt the right way. Flirting is always paramount to courting a girl, no exceptions! If you do this enough during the date, you can set the right mood for the kiss before you even start thinking about it. If your girl flirts with you a lot in return, you can be sure that your chances of kissing you will be very high at the end of the night.

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