Would you say if I told you that you can get good results with a full body dumbbell workout?

Well the truth of the matter is that You can get amazing body-transforming results with a full-body dumbbell workout that incorporates both dumbbell and bodyweight exercises..

There is a terrible myth in the fitness industry that you have to use machines, cardio equipment, or expensive home training equipment to get mind-blowing results. Don’t believe that for a second.

Many of my clients have lost pounds of body fat, sculpted lean muscle, and improved their strength levels using nothing more than dumbbell and bodyweight exercises.

So the question remains: how can you get the fastest possible results using nothing more than dumbbell and bodyweight exercises?

All you have to do is apply these three simple tips. They may be simple, but they are very effective.

Tip one: Do big, compound exercises.. Basically what this means is that you should focus your efforts on exercises that require a lot of muscle mass. If you want more results in less time, don’t waste time doing dumbbell flyes, lateral raises, curls, and kickbacks. Use the following exercises:

*Note: the abbreviation “DB” stands for dumbbell


-DB chest press (flat and incline)

-DB floor press

-Overhead DB foot press

-DB push press

-I’m asking

-Push-ups and all variants

-Push-ups and handstand variants

Those dumbbell and bodyweight exercises will allow you to sculpt your upper body and also burn body fat; isolation exercises can’t do that.


-DB Row

-DB Renegade Row

-Dominated and all its variants

-Inverted rows

-DB Sweaters




-Split squats

-Lunges (crossed, inverted, lateral, etc.)


-Bulgarian split squats

-jump squats

-jump lunges

-Wide jumps

Various exercises:


– Squat Thrusts

-DB Boot

-DB Clean and Press

If you used nothing but those exercises, you would transform your body at a much faster rate than people who spend 6 or more hours in the gym each week.

It’s not about how much work you do, but about the quality of the work.

Tip two: Don’t use bodybuilding splits. Bodybuilding splits are recommended in all the popular magazines, but that doesn’t mean they are the most effective.

If you want to get the best results in the shortest amount of time (i.e. three to four workouts per week) then you should only use total body workouts (train three days per week) or use upper/lower splits (train four days per week). per week). ). Those are the only “splits” you’ll need.

tip three: Use different rep ranges. Make sure to use heavy weight and train in the 3-6 rep range. Other times use a lighter weight and train in the 7-15 or even 20 rep range. Each rank has its benefits, so you should use both.

Try this sample dumbbell full body workout:

-DB steps x 10 each leg

-1 arm DB Push Press x 10 each side

-1 Arm DB Row x 10 each side

-DB Clean and Press x 5

Perform those exercises back to back with minimal rest. You should complete a total of three to five circuits.

Dumbbell Full Body Workout Example 2:

-DB Split Squats x 5 each leg

-1 DB Floor Press Arm x 5 each side

-Renegade Row x 5 each side

-1 DB Snatch arm x 5 each side

Since you’ll only be doing five reps for each exercise, make sure you’re using a heavy enough weight for each one. Once again, perform those exercises back to back taking minimal breaks. Do a total of five to seven circuits.

Design your own full body dumbbell workout:

Just be sure to apply the three tips mentioned above: choose dumbbell and bodyweight exercises that use a lot of muscle, do full-body workouts to get the best results in the least amount of time, and train in different rep ranges.

You will now be well on your way to transforming your body in the shortest amount of time.

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