Mary, the Mother God of Babylon and the Mother of God of Catholicism, is the same being. ‘She’ is depicted in Ice Age images giving birth to animals and humans alike. Among the first of hers in Christianity she is depicted dressed in blue and riding on a white horse with twelve stars around her head and holding a child. She is the personification of the sun star and the name ‘ma-ry’ means ‘mighty eye of the mother’.

Although millions worship her daily and she has churches, people and institutions named after her, she is nothing more than the remnant of a dream. In Babylon men thought they could ‘marry’ Mary by dying on the cross at dawn and rising with the sun as her ‘mate’. That term comes from ‘ma-t’ or ‘mother’s cross’.

Religions related to it include all branches of Islam and include the Catholic Church and its offshoots. These organizations nullified reincarnation and being ‘of the devil’ while promoting heaven and hell as afterlife destinations.

After my reincarnation and with a strong bond with the Spirit, the commission to ‘tear down the wall of the churches and bring back the youth’ was not unexpected. It was shown in a vision between lives that the work that awaited me would be done at 45 years of age. It was only 2 months after that birthday that the power came upon me with such force that I couldn’t move a muscle.

That was the beginning of a big learning curve to know and understand where religions originate from and why Mary has more apparent power than the real God. That is to say, she has the leading role in the hearts and minds of those born of religion and she has hundreds of names, different images, and she is always the one who brought life into the world. She is the mother of false gods and idols, not to mention the prophets who claim to speak for the so-called God the Father, or the one married to her.

And on his forehead was written a name, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT… (Revelation 17:5) is his description. She is also the ‘mother of harlots’ according to this prophecy and ‘abominations of the earth.’ This is the only passage in the entire bible that is written in capital letters because of its great importance.

In the rest of the chapter we learn that she is seated on a scarlet-colored beast (bishops of the Catholic Church are clothed in scarlet) and that she is ‘clothed in purple and scarlet.’ These are the same ones used by the emperor who established the religion and the clothing of the bishops who defend it.

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