I recently came across the new squeeze page for Seth Godin’s Freelance Workshop and thought it was a great example of how to create the perfect deal.

I want to go over the points why I think it is such a well crafted offer and landing page. In fact, I kept it in my slip folder. (Have a slip binder with examples like that? Let me know in the comments below!)

Now obviously if it’s from a pro like Seth Godin, it’ll be amazing. But that doesn’t mean we can’t use it as an example … After all, we must learn from the best!

Introduction to video

The first thing on the page, located at the top, is a short video of Seth Godin himself giving an introduction to the offer.

The video is only 1:18 minutes long, but it was created very professionally. He is well dressed, sitting in an office or library, in front of a large bookcase that covers the entire background.

Almost any landing page, squeeze page, or offer is better with an introductory video like that, for a number of reasons:

  • Add a personal touch.
  • Prospects can see and hear the person making the offer.
  • Add more confidence.
  • Makes the page more interesting overall.
  • Many people will at least start looking, simply out of curiosity to see who is speaking to the camera.

Amazing copy

The copy on this page is just amazing, in my opinion. He speaks directly to the target audience (freelancers) and addresses their core issues (how to find a job and get paid well).

If you’ve been freelancers for a while, with all the ups and downs that it entails, you’ll read this page and think “THAT’S ME!”

I believe that whenever your prospect can relate to your offering at that level, they have an excellent copy.

Clear offer

The page is also very clear on what exactly the offer is: Online workshop with 12 lessons for the next 60 days. After reviewing this page, there is no question what you will get. This is very important on a sales page or a compression page.

If you leave people confused, it is difficult for them to sign up. Yes, it is true that by being so clear and specific, you will also reject all the people who wanted something different. For example, if someone wanted an e-book or video course that is fully available now, they would be disappointed. That is not what Seth Godin has to offer here.

But only thanks to this clarity all prospects, who are really interested in this offer, can safely sign up. It is exactly what they were looking for!

On that note: you don’t want to trick people into signing up for something that isn’t for them anyway … It will only cause refunds, complaints, and damage your reputation.

Call to action

The background is white, the font is kind of black (similar to here in WA). However, CTAs (Call-To-Actions) are highlighted in orange, clearly marking them and drawing attention to them.

There are two calls to action: one in the upper right corner in a box, which follows the reader down the page as they scroll. The second is at the bottom of the page, taking up the entire width of the page with an orange background.

The point is this:

  • The CTA is clearly worded, as is the rest of the offer.
  • It is colorfully highlighted and clearly marked to make it easy to find.
  • And there’s one at the top for “quick action people” and one at the bottom after reading the entire sales letter.

Money back guarantee

To gain more confidence, there is also a money back guarantee, which says: “If you find that you have not met your expectations, just send us a note after you have participated in all the lessons of the workshop and we will refund you in full. of the registration “.

I love the wording of this guarantee and it also ensures a commitment on the part of the student. If a prospect has no interest in completing the course in the first place, why bother registering?

This warranty is also great for people who are on the edge – it looks like a good workshop, but is it really for them? With this money-back guarantee, they can register and see for themselves, without any risk.

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