Why is a graduation considered so important to so many people? What makes it special that a singular person is moving from one academic position to the next? How important is all this? All questions have answers, but none are as simple as these. A graduation is important because it is a rite of passage for many people. When a person graduates, it means the passage from a previous form of existence to a more mature being. As this maturity progresses, many people come to the revelation that graduation can be life changing; the simple marker or two phases help to link different parts of a life with a common memory. A graduation is not just an ending, it is a new beginning; the beginning of a new chapter in a person’s life, be it another school year or entering the workforce. Graduations help people remember things accomplished in the past, as well as helping people look to the future. When people think of graduation, they remember what friends and family did or saw (respectively) during that time period; They think about the honors achieved and the many ways those honors will help them pursue future opportunities. Graduations are so versatile that it is almost impossible to explain exactly how useful and memorable they can be to one person. However, it is possible to illustrate how much graduation can mean for a singular person.

Be a graduate

For a young or mature girl (or boy), graduation can be one of the most important days of her life. Depending on the age, different things have been tried on the child: for a kindergarten graduation gown, many students feel that they have matured in their childhood world. In cases of a transition from high school, students may feel that they are now strong or strong enough to take care of themselves, and eventually, in a transition from high school to college, students finally realize that who are about to enter the world of hard work. Adults. All of these are very important stages of life; Growing feelings of vulnerability or invincibility are simple things that we, as people, normally go through. The graduation gown for ceremonies can only help in this. These ceremonies give legitimacy to the transition and include the reality that the phase they are now entering is indeed “real.” The dresses they wear are materialistic markers of this, and every part of the ceremony that takes place is meant to show or commemorate the same thing: change. Because could change really exist if nothing acknowledges its presence? Would there be any form of change if no one acts on it? Of course sometimes a hard understanding is needed, but most of the time it is a change for the better; that’s what graduation is all about: changing for the better and being prepared for the new future that will be waiting for you after the ceremonies. Graduation is a positive experience that packs a punch, so no matter what age group, just sit back and enjoy the memory.

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