The American Girl Doll Collection offers fun and imaginative play for children with clever educational twists using furniture, clothing and accessories from different periods of history, all combined into one cute playable children’s doll. This is a collection of 18 inch dolls, all representing the American Girl throughout various historical periods from 1764 to 1944.

The American Girl Doll has enjoyed great popularity among children and collectors alike. Collectors appreciate the American Girl Doll for its exquisite attention to historical detail and fine craftsmanship, and relish the opportunity to collect different dolls from different decades and even centuries of American history.

Children love dolls for their warm expressions, beautifully rendered, historically accurate clothing, accessories and doll furniture, all of which provide hours of companionship and entertainment, with good old-fashioned child’s play. After all, no girl is complete without her favorite doll!

American Girl Doll Company allows doll owners to flip through the pages of time by giving each doll fictional personal stories in their respective time periods, giving children both a learning tool and a beloved toy. The characters themselves also represent the multitude of different races and creeds that make up the people of America.

Like many American Girl Dolls [] have become collector’s items, the internet is an extremely useful tool for tracking down those hard-to-find items, as well as finding your nearest toy or hobby store for the latest deals on the line. Ebay, Google, Toys R’ Us, these are just a few of the many places you can start looking right away to find your favorite American Girl Doll!

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