Initially, at least, glasswashers and dishwashers seem to be pretty much the same. They both clean everything that goes into them, and while a glass washer is designed for the specific purpose of cleaning glasses, it also does a good job washing silverware and dishes. So you may wonder why you would need both or why you should invest in a washing machine. Especially when you can use a dishwasher for all your dishes and utensils.

Of course, you would be absolutely right that a washing machine can only clean glasses. But there are many other advantages that they can offer, not only to business users, but also to home users with large families:

Faster Washes: Even medium-sized washers can handle 15-20 baskets per hour, which is equivalent to washing more than 200 glasses per cycle. In contrast, a dishwasher has to take its time to make sure all items are completely clean, which means it can only go as fast as it takes to wash the largest item.

More economical –

Better for your glassware: A dishwasher is overkill for cleaning glasses. With its requirement to wash large pots and pans, as well as smaller kitchen items, glasses are often over-exposed to high temperatures, causing glass to wear over time. A glass washer, on the other hand, uses a weaker detergent and the wash cycle is relatively short, resulting in little to no damage to your glassware.

Best Results: A dishwasher will often leave white marks on the glass. These marks are the result of the strong detergent used, not a good way to impress customers! A glass washer will not leave any marks, giving all glassware a fantastic shine.

Fast – Some industrial washers can clean up to 400 glasses in an hour, saving a lot of time for your staff to take care of other things.

Less expensive: Buying an industrial washing machine will cost much less than other cleaning appliances. If you have enough space for one, it will also pay off in the amount of time saved.

Many restaurateurs are unaware of the potential benefits of investing in a glasswasher, and they often overlook them in favor of dishwashers, thinking they are saving money. In fact, the opposite is quite true, with a commercial glass washer that saves time and money!

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