Simply living in the moment and being grateful for all the offerings of life that Mother Earth and the Universe give us, conscious decorating is an aspect we need while staying at home in these stressful times. Mindfulness is a type of meditation and taking it home is bringing calm and peace to your living spaces. Be mindful of the present and in the moment or activity, see the peaceful and serene Buddha carved on the wall as you climb the stairs to your bedroom, or work in your home office, which has a beautiful desk made with old doors, wood of grounded, the natural beauty of reclaimed rustic wood is so simple.

The cabinets carved with floral motifs, provide the element of nature, the soft patinas in white and gray are serene and subtle. The gorgeous Haveli Door Cabinet with Red Hues is a standalone statement piece that brings confidence and clarity. The brass medallions and carved corners give it a uniqueness like no other. Completely handcrafted in old world craftsmanship, the cabinet has added depth and can easily house your wine collection.

The colors play on your mood and the subtle hues of antique woods, washed greens and blues are calming and subtle. The barn doors carved in muted whites with the seeping colors make a great statement, hand carved by artisans, the embracing figures of Radha and Krishna are an artistic architectural design conscious.

The impressive headboard carved with reclining Ganesha provides an atmosphere of relaxation amid this enigma of anxiety and restlessness. Old world spirituality seen in the carved headboards and paneling, the carved lotus and tree of life, the primitive mandala carved door in natural woods custom made into a headboard, brings tranquility and peace. Creating a cohesive space where furniture and decoration interact with you and your thoughts, invoking tranquility, your home is where your heart is.

Having a space dedicated to meditation is essential for good mental health, as it helps you focus and optimize your thoughts. Anchoring the mind, quieting the senses, a simple altar with your favorite deity, hand-knotted mala beads help you move into a meditative state. His garden is an extension of his home and the statue of Buddha sitting under the huge oak tree is manifested in Zen form. The dark green of the leaves, the massive tree trunks and the exposed roots play with the natural gray granite of the life-size Maharaja elephant. Conscious decoration brings the zen of peace into our lives.

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