The most common failure of the Star Titan Scaler is the rotor, and this is a repair you can do in-house, without special tools or equipment.

If the rotor fails, the Star Titan Scaler makes a low-pitched “bubbling” sound and power is drastically reduced. To replace the rotor:

climber disassembly

  1. Remove the tip of the Star Titan scaler.
  2. Then remove the softener from the air supply.
  3. Remove the nose. Hand strength should be enough to remove the nose, turning it counterclockwise, unscrew the nose and remove it by hand. Place your nose in the ultrasonic cleaner
  4. The metal tube that is now exposed on the left is the spindle. Using your fingers, remove the 2 large shaft o-rings from the front of the scraper shaft and discard. (All o-rings must be replaced.)
  5. Remove the main casing. The main casing is the part closest to the exposed spindle. Hand strength should be sufficient to remove the main casing. Also place the main casing in the ultrasonic.
  6. Looking towards the base of the main spindle, you will now see the rotor surrounded by quad rings. (There are two main variations of shaft rotor area. One has 4 quad rings and the other has 2 quad rings. Take note of your configuration.
  7. Slide the upper quad rings up (toward the front of the shaft) and off.
  8. Slide the rotor out.
  9. Remove the remaining quad rings. Discard the quad rings and rotor. These are mandatory spare parts.
  10. Wipe the shaft down with a 2 x 2 prep pad.

climber mount

  1. Open your rebuild kit. Depending on your configuration, place 1 or 2 quad-rings on the shaft and slide them into the quad-ring slots in the base of the shaft.
  2. Slide the new rotor onto the spindle
  3. Slide on the remaining quad rings (also placed in the quad ring grooves).
  4. Remove the parts from the ultrasonic cleaner; Rinse well and dry completely. Use the air from your syringe to dry the inside of the components.
  5. Put a drop of oil on the threads to ease installation, then screw the main housing back into the base until hand-tight.
  6. Place the 2 front spindle o-rings over the exposed spindle and slide until they rest against the main casing.
  7. Install the nose. Slide the tip onto the exposed main shaft, then screw the tip in clockwise until hand-tight.

Your Star Titan Scaler is now ready to go back to work for you. If the power is not adequate after replacing the rotor, disassemble it again, slide the rotor off, and reverse it.

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