Shortly after badminton was introduced as another type of racket sport, people made it appropriate to play a game of badminton with their families. The sport has become so popular especially for people who want to spend their time with family and friends because badminton games can be played anywhere where there is enough space for two or four people to exchange strokes with each other.

One name has become an authority when it comes to badminton games: Spalding. For decades, they have provided first-class sports equipment and have become known especially in professional and international sports such as basketball, volleyball, etc. Yet another breakthrough had come from its prestigious name; They play badminton games with excellent quality.

Therefore, the Spalding Pro Serve badminton game made a new record when the subject is badminton game. Like other Spalding sports teams, this game of badminton has top quality. It means that it passed international badminton game standards and can be used to play with the family or can even be used in a professional tournament. Since badminton is a racket game, you should choose the best quality ones for you to enjoy while having fun with your family and friends.

Quality is the first thing to look for in a game of badminton. In order to give a better idea about the Spalding Pro Serve badminton set, you can refer to the product features and descriptions below:

Product Features and Description

or The Polo

Spalding Pro Serve Badminton Set has two posts with a height of 5’1 “. They raise the net up to standard height to provide and aid in your practice for professional tournaments. You can also adjust the posts to have a slightly lower elevation than the net, especially if children want to play, these poles are durable enough to ensure you enjoy playing.

o The Network

The Spalding Pro Serve badminton set comes with the standard net – measure 21 ‘x 2 1/2’. You can use the net in outdoor and indoor activities as it has unmatched durability. You even use it if you want to play in a warm and humid environment. The sturdy covers made the net excellent in all kinds of gaming environments.

o The Rackets

You won’t regret the 4 rackets that come with the Spalding Pro Serve Badminton Set. They are made of tempered steel to ensure you can hit with full power. The padded grips will allow you to hold them firmly. One thing to expect is that these racquets are well laced, allowing the shuttlecocks to fly beautifully on every stroke you make.

o The flyers

This is also one of the most important components in buying badminton sets. Well, Spalding Pro Serve Badminton Set comes with three high-class shuttlecocks made from fine feathers and very light but durable cork on the head.

o Rope system and other necessary materials

The string system in the Spalding Pro Serve Badminton Set is excellent. The net is sparsely threaded for a lighter weight. The ropes that hold the net in place are also durable and lightweight, making the net straight and not hanging loose in the middle. The stakes are made of plastic but you make sure of their quality to hold the ropes that hold the net.

o Marking kit

The game also comes with a marking kit with a comprehensive guide on how to mark your badminton court. This way, you won’t have to play blind but you can play like a pro.

o Molded case

The Spalding Pro Serve badminton set can be stored in its durable molded pouch.

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