HAS remedy for cold sores proven very effective, more pleasant to use, is mint tea. Many times I have seen a cold sore completely healed in as little as 7 days using the peppermint tea cold sore remedy described in this article.

As with any cold sore remedy I write about, I am offering this cold sore remedy for informational purposes only. It is a cold sore remedy that has worked well for many others.

In no way is this cold sore remedy presented as medical advice. Nothing replaces a one-on-one relationship with a healthcare professional.

Also keep in mind that the best remedy for cold sores is one that is applied topically. A cold sore is mainly an external problem and is easily treated this way. You may hear of a variety of vitamins or prescription medications that are useful as internal cold sore remedies. These sometimes help. But, the simple and direct approach will always give you the best results.

This is true with a cold sore or any other problem in life.

mint is very powerful remedy for cold sores because it has strong antiviral properties. Peppermint also has a very calming effect, which has made it a favorite with many people who have written to me.

But first, let’s look at the “universal” remedy for cold sores: ice.

Ice has been used as a cold sore remedy for centuries. Today, ice is available anywhere and at any time. Even a cold can of soda works as a cold sore remedy when it gets close to the sore.

The herpes virus replication process creates cold sores. Ice, when applied to an emerging cold sore, discourages the replication of the herpes virus. The herpes virus hates the cold. The application of ice or any cold object will prevent the herpes virus from creating that horrible sore. And sometimes it even sends the herpes virus back into hibernation.

As a remedy for cold sores, combining the ice method with mint is many times more effective.

Mint is very easy to find. The form we use is peppermint tea bags. These are available anywhere you can find herbal teas. If mint is combined with other herbs, it will also work well. Just make sure the mint is primary. Mint can also easily be grown in a window box if you want to try it fresh. I’ll talk about a special cold sore remedy using fresh mint in a moment.

This is how we turned peppermint tea into a very effective remedy for cold sores.

Taking 20 oz. of bottled water and 5 tea bags (about one tea bag per 4 oz. of water), we make a strong batch of peppermint tea. Then freeze the wet tea bags.

Using the frozen tea bags instead of ice, we hold the tea bag to the cold sore area for about 10 minutes at a time. About 3 times per hour works fine.

With this frozen mint remedy for cold sores, you get the comforting and healing effects of ice. Also, as the bag melts, a very strong antiviral medication is applied. This will kill thousands of herpes viruses.

Also, you can enhance this cold sore remedy by drinking the tea. Also, apply the peppermint tea liquid to the sore using a cotton ball or paper towel. Now you have a remedy for both internal and external cold sores.

This is also a perfect cold sore remedy for those rare people who get cold sores inside their mouths. It also works well for canker sores. As a remedy for cold sores, or canker sores, you can use the tea as a mouthwash. Shake it for a minute or so, then swallow it to reap the internal benefits.

A variation of this cold sore remedy that we have used with success is freezing the liquid from the tea. This works best for us using an ice cube tray that makes smaller ice cubes. This is a bit messier as the cube melts. If you use fresh grown or bulk mint, then you won’t have the tea bags to freeze. In that case, this may be one way to use peppermint as a cold sore remedy.

One final note on using peppermint as a cold sore remedy.

using this remedy for cold sores, you may not want or be able to sit up and hold the ice or frozen tea bags to your lip. If you are on the go, here is a very convenient and powerful way to use peppermint as a cold sore remedy.

You can quickly make a great cold sore remedy by crushing fresh mint leaves into a paste. If you don’t want to grow your own, mint is usually available fresh or dried at your local health food store. With dried mint, add a little water to reconstitute it and it will also make a fine paste. While preparing the paste, mix in some baking soda. This raises the pH level, which the herpes virus also hates.

Now you have a cold sore remedy that you can use when traveling or at work. And, if it’s made with fresh mint, the mint will be even stronger than in the dry tea form because you’re not heating it.

I hope you, like so many others, find this to be a great, cheap and powerful remedy for cold sores.

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