Regal Assets gold trading firm is well known to investors and financial professionals due to its strong foundation in customer service and knowledge. As you will see in this review, his team has helped thousands of Americans secure private investments or convert 401k retirement plans to IRA Gold. Its headquarters are in Waco, Texas, although its main office is in Burbank, CA. Clients can also contact them on Trade Floor in Los Angeles and London.

History of Regal Assets

In 2003, the company started buying and selling gold bars, rare gold coins, and other precious metals. American consumers, interested in both private investments and retirement savings, carry out these transactions in thousands of dollars a day. That market has changed and the company has adapted to it; employees hone their skills while bringing in financial and business experts. These experts receive ongoing training on market changes, challenges, and strategies. Since then, the firm has won awards, including one from Inc. 500 and ranked 20th among US financial service providers in 2013.

Customer service standards

High standards of customer service set any company apart from its competitors, but it’s even more important when tens of thousands of dollars are at stake. Clients, from various walks of life, both new and experienced alike, approach Regal Assets customer service professionals for investment. They all deserve and receive the same attention and respect. The company promises to put customers first.

For advice, purchases and other business transactions, the company opens telephone lines from 7 a.m. M. At 6 p. M. PST, Monday through Friday. Updates news in the place as you enter daily or weekly market information. Commercial prices are updated 24 hours a day.

Handling a 401K Transfer

A popular move among upcoming retirees and even young people is to put some of your retirement allowance into precious metals. A Gold IRA has the potential to outperform almost any standard 401k policy and other employee-initiated pension schemes. The same forces that cause hardship to the American economy are also detrimental to traditional metals, but not to the value of precious metals. The opposite is true: As the US currency underperforms, gold and silver are at their strongest.

Getting started is simple if a team is at your disposal to exchange the laundered stock for precious metals. This team will consist of a willing custodian and a precious metals dealer. They work together to transfer your documents from an old 401k policy to a new precious metal rollover account. There is a bit of paperwork involved, but Regal Assets and your custodian will help you, keeping the transfer or reinvestment process as simple and fast as possible. Ask to receive a free kit and read about starting a self-directed IRA.

Few custodians of traditional retirement policies will venture into the world of precious metals, and if this is the case, you will have to transfer the policy to other hands. Regal Assets recommends a trusted firm to handle this matter. The US government insists that consumers do not become trustees of their own IRA Gold accounts or touch any of their gold or silver at any time. It will be kept in a deposit approved by the IRA.

Since you cannot take care of your own IRA gold, storage fees will apply. Regal Assets charges a flat fee: $ 250 annually regardless of the value of your account. If you are buying gold as a personal investment, you can store it wherever you want, but shop around and you may want to stick with Regal Assets until the very end.

Accreditation and qualifications

The Better Business Bureau has given Regal Assets an A +, its highest possible rating. Regal Assets has handled any issues to the best of its ability and satisfactorily in accordance with BBB standards, and you can read how complaints were handled on the BBB site. Trust Link has given them a 5-star rating out of 5 possible stars based on over 650 reviews. Tea BCA it also gives them its highest rating. Real clients provide compelling reasons why this is the best company to buy gold.

Delivery guarantee

Regal Assets stands behind your services wholeheartedly by providing this delivery guarantee. They promise that your gold will be delivered in seven business days or less. If delivery is late, they will give you a free Silver American Eagle to make up for the delay.

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