So how long has it been? Two months? Six months? One year?! How do you stay productive and motivated as you try to find your next great job? It’s not easy, but these tips can help:

1. Keep a routine If you normally wake up at 6:30 am to get ready for work, get up at the same time and get ready for your day. Since I’m most productive in the morning, I set aside time in the morning to search job boards and submit resumes. Typically I would block 2 hours to apply for jobs. But, once that block of time is up, move on to something else. You will find that if you spend much more than 2-3 hours applying for a job, you will inevitably run up against the law of diminishing returns.

2. Treat it like a blessing in disguise It’s not often that you have time to turn your life upside down and achieve that positive change you’ve been longing for. Take a hard look at where you are in life and where you want to be. This is a good time for some serious introspection. If you weren’t happy at your last job, think critically about what will make you happy.

3. Learn a new skill Nothing motivates me more than learning something new, and there is always something new to learn! Don’t just look for the monetary reward. Learn something that will bring purpose and happiness to your life. (for example, photography, programming, triathlon, etc…)

4. Get Out of the House Get out and be active for inspiration! Volunteer for a cause that means something to you. Another great way to get out of the house is to go to and find people with similar interests for coffee.

Being unemployed is stressful and often has negative connotations. But by following some of these tips, you can help turn your time of unemployment into a time of self-discovery and career exploration. Use this time wisely to center yourself before your next big adventure.

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