Mykonos superyacht charters

A yacht charter in Mykonos opens up the Cyclades Islands for exploration, awe-inspiring sights and endless fun. Sailing in these azure waters is an experience beyond compare. Embark on a weekly Mykonos yacht charter and you can enjoy everything from exotic beaches and coves to vibrant nightlife scenes and a cultural heritage that dates back to the ancient Greeks.

The best time to visit Mykonos is from late spring to early autumn when the weather is warm and the sea conditions are calm. July and August offer dazzling nightlife and enticing events but can also be crowded. The shoulder seasons of May and September offer perfect sailing conditions with smaller crowds.

Start your Mykonos superyacht charter with a day in Ornos Bay where you’ll find secluded white sand beaches and Kiki’s Taverna, a picturesque eatery that serves up fresh seafood and mouth-watering Greek dishes. From here, you can cruise to the celebrated beaches of Super Paradise and Kalo Livadi. Or, for a day of non-stop partying, head to Astra Club.

Peak seasons for Mykonos superyacht charters

Mykonos is a superyacht paradise with a thriving scene that’s a magnet for the A-list set and Hollywood glitterati. Its medley of beach clubs, restaurants and exclusive after-hours clubs is unrivaled and sure to keep the celebrations going until dawn. For those looking for a more cultured experience, the island is steeped in history and has glorious whitewashed labyrinthine alleys to explore.

The Mykonos airport is only 4km from the town, and offers daily flights to and from Athens. Alternatively, you can arrive via daily ferries from other ports across Greece and the Balkans. The Mykonos yacht charter experience is well-connected, making it a popular destination throughout the year.

You can charter a Mykonos yacht with or without a skipper. While renting a yacht without a skipper will give you complete freedom to chart your course for all other details visit our site, a fully crewed yacht will ensure that all of your needs are catered for and that you can benefit from local knowledge of the island’s hottest spots. Our yacht charter specialists can advise you on what is available depending on your preference and your itinerary.

A one-week Mykonos yacht charter can be extended to include a trip to the idyllic Naxos with its exotic beaches and coves, or to Amorgos, which is celebrated for being one of the most authentically Greek of all the Cyclades Islands. From there, you can climb the famous Hozoviotissa Monastery and see the spectacular views that make this 11th century compound so renowned.

Then, you can cruise to Santorini to end your week of adventure. This iconic island is home to awe-inspiring sunsets and a unique wine producing tradition that dates back to the Bronze Age. Its tumultuous volcanic past has left behind an impressive collection of historical treasures. Its enchanting towns and villages are peppered with neoclassical buildings, Venetian villas and awe-inspiring churches. You can also take a scenic walk along the cliffs to the caldera and witness the mesmerising beauty of its azure waters.

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