Where better to take one last hit before settling down to a respectable domestic life than the city that celebrates excess? There are so many different types of attractions and entertainment in Las Vegas that no matter what type of bachelor party you want to have, it’s possible to have it there. You can have the most active and outdoorsy weekend you could wish for or you can have the most intoxicated and libertine weekend that even Bacchus would be proud of. What you do at your Las Vegas bachelor party is not limited by what is available, but may be limited by your conscience and morals.

There are so many different activities that the stag weekend can be tailored to exactly what you like to do. A good way to start the weekend is to get an overview of the area, literally, but by taking a helicopter tour of the area. Depending on how much you enjoy flying, you can take a short trip or a longer trip that covers more ground. The view from a helicopter is spectacular as you get a better idea of ​​the contrast between glittering Las Vegas and the arid area that surrounds it. While many people would expect the helicopter ride to be the pinnacle of excitement at a Las Vegas bachelor party, it’s only the beginning of your experience.

After that, you have the option to wander the strip and take a closer look at the sites you saw during your flight over the strip and relax at your hotel to prepare for the biggest attractions of your Las Vegas bachelor party. If neither of these two options appeal to you, then you can take a trip around the surrounding area and race quads or dirt bikes. If you prefer a little more precision, you can take one of a range of sports cars and super cars to race. You can even place bets on who wins and have them pay penalties during that night’s stag party.

Late night in Vegas is when the strip really comes to life, so you have a host of different activities to partake in during the course of your Vegas bachelor party. The favorite way to spend evenings in Las Vegas is to experience different restaurants and then visit one or more nightclubs. During Las Vegas bachelor parties, it’s tradition to visit at least one of the strip clubs and have the bachelor lap dance at each one. There may be people who find it uncomfortable, so you can go to the nightclubs immediately after dinner and have a large number of drinks and many stories for the best man to tell at the wedding.

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