It is better to stick with a reputable brand when buying a digital camera. There are many brands that have sprung up in recent years as demand has grown and more and more people are taking up digital photography. Digital cameras have completely wiped out traditional film cameras. When it comes to digital cameras, Sony’s Cybershot series is right up there with the best. The entry-level cameras in this range are of professional quality. The Sony DSC W310 is one of the popular models in this series. Launched in 2010, it is one of the best-selling cameras in the Sony catalogue. Here is an overview of the features and the price.


The price range that the Sony DSC W310 falls into makes it a moderately priced model. Sony has made sure that the price does not go out of the range of the average consumer, while maintaining its reliability and quality. All in all, it’s a very affordable camera that will be worth every penny you spend on it.


A camera of this size is hard to find on the market. Sony has made the smallest of compact cameras that is slim enough to slip easily into your pocket. This is a very portable camera that you can easily take with you. It is light and very small. In fact, you might be put off by the size and consider it an average camera.


Sony has opted for simplicity over elegance with the Sony DSC W310. It has a very professional rectangular design with all the features and functions clearly engraved. The color range is quite limited, with only three colors available. You can choose between black, silver and pink, depending on your preference.

LCD screen

The camera includes a 2.7-inch LCD screen that can be used to access the menu and select settings and controls. Plus, the 230,000 pixels on the screen provide a clear view as you select the exact spot from which to shoot. The screen, which is LCD, can also be used to view existing images and videos stored on the camera.

smile shutter

Smile Shutter is one of several smart features on the Sony DSC W310. The camera detects when someone is smiling and automatically takes a photo. You don’t even have to say ‘cheese’ before taking a photo. As soon as someone smiles, the photo will be taken.

outdoor shooting

You can take pictures and videos outdoors with the Sony DSC W310. The image resolution is 12 megapixels with a 4x wide angle lens. It works beautifully both in zoom and close-up. There may be some noise and distortion due to natural lighting, but otherwise the objects and subjects in the image will be vivid.

This is an overview of the Sony DSC W310, one of the best and cheapest digital cameras available to you.

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