Q: What do Oxygen and Faberlic Cosmetics have in common? A: Everything, they use it in their cosmetics! Maybe you still don’t know about this Russian company. Recent research shows that there are 49,5000 global searches performed monthly, so it seems that there are many who know both the name and the product. Join me to find out more about Faberlic Cosmetics – who are they and what do they do?

Faberlic is a multinational cosmetics company operating in 18 countries. His name is made up of part Latin and part Slavic meanings: “Faber – master” and “lik – face painting”. Founded in Russia in 1998 and using their motto “necessary cosmetics like oxygen”, they have built a modern multinational company. They proudly use recent discoveries made by Russian scientists, in particular the use of oxygen in cosmetics.

Using the research that 21% of the oxygen in the atmosphere is required to maintain well-being, a drop in atmospheric oxygen reduces it to around 17-18%, and then we experience feelings of fatigue or even depression.

Taking into account that the skin reacts to this deficit through a premature aging process and a reduction in the firmness and elasticity of the skin, Faberlic is the first company in the cosmetic industry to introduce cosmetics with oxygen to help combat these signs and uses your own skin cells to do the job.

In its unique NOVAFTEM-02 component, oxygen is used to replenish the vital forces of skin cells externally in the cream, which is said to deliver oxygen to skin cells for 8 hours. Proud to have achieved international diplomas and medals, it is indeed a very international company; In addition to creams produced in Russia, its fragrances are produced in France and cosmetics in Italy.

Faberlic can be obtained as a home business by becoming a consultant using the party plan or direct sales method. Joining is a process of simply completing an online form to contact a representative located near you. They will become your coach and help you through the registration process. There is no monthly minimum order requirement and you can expect to receive up to 30% cash back in commission. It doesn’t say how much the upfront fee is, just that no major capital investment is required.

All in all, Faberlic is a very modern company with an ultra-modern product. Since it has been going from strength to strength for 13 years, there is great confidence that emanates from the company in both its product and the business opportunity.

If you want to build a good home business with this multinational company, I suggest that you also increase your marketing skills to learn as many different ways as possible to generate income.

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