Did we realize that traveling around the world is something you can’t live without? To tell the truth, it is one of your deepest passions that has allowed you to discover those hidden facets that can be found in all corners of the planet. You like to call yourself a proud nomad who is always on the lookout for various reasons to back up your bags and take off at your chosen destination. There must be a myriad of destinations that you covered in the past, but we are pretty sure that you would never have had a chance to catch a flight to Accra. This is the city you will be heading to this season.

Accra – the place to be!

You will find that there are a number of places on the planet that have been considered underrated for tourists to take a tour, but Accra is the one that is literally packed with countless visitor attractions. In short, there is something for people from all walks of life. You may be short on time, but there is no shortage in the number of sights in this attractive city that has seen its share of wanderers from far and wide.

Would you be able to forget the French capital for Accra?

You will really fall in love with Accra at first sight. This is because its attractions will make you feel in seventh heaven and forget about Paris. Recognized as the capital of Ghana, Accra is the city packed with vibrant nightlife, multicolored markets, stunning beaches, amazing art galleries and the list goes on. It may surprise you that Ghana is considered the only country in Africa where people are friendlier than any other nation. Once recognized as the small port city, Accra has grown into a metropolitan city with an eclectic mix of old and new styles.

If you are one of those with a fondness for nature, this enchanting city will provide you with plenty of opportunities to experience its picturesque natural sights and pictorial landscapes. There are some mind-blowing tourist highlights that would simply leave you in awe and they are listed below.

  • National theater

  • jamestown

  • Labadi Beach

  • Makola Market

  • osu castle

  • Artists Alliance Gallery

  • Cape Coast Castle

You can get pure delight in the exciting nightlife by going to some of the best nightclubs and bars in the city like Spirits at Firefly, Rhapsody’s, Twist and many more.

Do you want to take cheap flights to Accra?

There are many cheap flights to Accra operated by some of the major UK airports such as Birmingham, Glasgow, London, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Manchester. If you want to get the most out of your flight, we recommend flying non-stop from London Heathrow LHR to Kotoka International Airport ACC with a British Airways (BA) flight. You can be in this fascinating city in less than seven hours. Several reputed airlines like American Airlines, Air France, Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airlines and other airlines have frequent flights to Accra.

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