Did you know that creating a gratitude list is one of the key ingredients used in the Law of Attraction? It can be something powerful! And it’s one of the easiest ways to attract more abundance into your life right now.

You may be wondering: what would be the point of making such a list? More importantly, how does this actually work?

Well, for starters, I would immediately show you all the different things in this beautiful world that you CAN be thankful for, if you choose to.

A gratitude list helps you stay focused on what you can be happy and grateful for in the present moment. Shift your state of mind from one of anxiety and scarcity to one of hope, excitement, and contentment.

The most important benefit of this exercise is the powerful way in which you can immediately shift your perspective from “sadness and gloom” to one where you begin to see all the abundance that is already in your life. It is certainly a great way to lift your spirits!

Yes, I can hear some of you right now: “But my life is a fucking mess! I don’t have money to pay the bills, everything is going downhill fast. What can I find to be thankful for?”

I understand where you come from. I’ve been there, done that. stinks

So here are a few things I’ve used in my own gratitude lists in the past to get things going (and they have nothing to do with buying things, paying bills, or “having more” of anything):

  • Beautiful sunsets. The setting sun, no matter where it is, can take your breath away with its vibrant colors if you just gaze at it for a while.
  • Beautiful sunrises. Watch as the sunbeams begin to peek over the horizon and the clouds turn pink, red, orange and yellow. The clouds look spectacular in the rising sun. Just stop and watch for a few moments. It’s a great way to start the day on a high note.
  • mountain ranges. That is another picturesque sight that always takes my breath away. Its majestic snow-capped peaks; the roughness of the cliff edges; the intermingled colors of purples, blues, grays and greens. Mountains are inspiring and powerful in so many ways.
  • fluffy clouds. Do you remember how you used to search for shapes in cloud formations as a child? Retry! It’s fun and it makes your heart feel lighter.
  • The stars in the sky at night. Just look at all those billions of stars out there… and that’s just in our galaxy! There are millions of galaxies with billions of stars and who knows how many planets. Now, there is a great example of abundance in this universe! The beauty of the night sky is endless wonder when you stop and really look up!

Why would I include these majestic views in my gratitude list instead of the everyday things of “life”?

Because they remind me to be grateful for all the beauty and multitude of objects that are readily available in this world to truly enjoy whenever I want, things that don’t cost money or involve relationships (triggers that can often lead to angry or depressed feelings). . emotions).

Sometimes what we need is to be pulled out of our narrow view of the world and take a good look at the beauty and abundance that really surrounds us at every moment, abundance that we often ignore!

What are the other benefits of a gratitude list?

You can use a gratitude list to help you get through a day that may be going wrong. It is designed to divert your attention from the “bad” stuff and realign with positive energies. Even if it is for a short period, it can make your whole day look brighter and better.

Other things to be grateful for are having a place to live, regardless of what it looks like. You DO have a place to call home. That is important. That’s special. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dilapidated cabin… it’s still a home to protect you from the elements.

And who’s to say that your “luck” won’t start to improve in the future? Everything is temporary… everything!

Be grateful that you have some food to eat. It may be sparse, it may be bland… but it IS food. And for those of us who have access to a large amount of food… we appreciate having so much variety to choose from!

(Contrary to what your parents have told you, eating all the food on your plate will in no way help a starving child in Africa. All it will do is make you fat. This is a scarcity mentality…wow! )

You can be thankful that you have electricity to power your lights, appliances, and all those electronics we all love to buy.

And stop complaining about the cost of everything! Money is just an exchange of energy. It is our “barter” system. You are exchanging one item (money) for another (housing, food, utilities, items). ENJOY what you currently have!

Start a Gratitude Journal

Start writing your own gratitude journal at the end of each day. Any kind of plain paper book will do, it doesn’t have to be fancy. Use a cheap Hilroy notebook if that’s all you can afford.

Start by taking a good look around you and write down the things that make you feel really grateful to have. As the weeks and months go by, go back and read what you have written. You will be pleasantly surprised at all the things that are already in your life that make you feel really good.

Feeling grateful, engaging in joyful emotions, that’s the power behind making these lists work miracles.

Make sure you stop complaining about the past or worrying about the future. Be thankful for your life in this immediate moment, because this moment is all you really have. To have more, you need to see how abundant and wounded you already are! That’s what a gratitude list can do for you. Why not give it an honest try? It can change your life, but you’ll never know until you start.

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