BodyPump 77 is here! This release spans the second quarter of this year at Les Mills Certified Gyms. The sport, which targets all muscle areas in one hour, is the oldest class in the book. The question is: is this release the perfect start to summer? Or will it cast a shadow over the pumpers all spring?

Warm-up: Commander – Spacegliderz

Song 1 definitely inspires me and puts me in the moment. Pacing is especially satisfying as the instructor’s words guide us through all the movements in the class. The choreography is a bit more difficult (compared to 76) but it definitely warms up and introduces BodyPump 77 in the perfect way.

Squats: It’s my life – Swade

This Bon Jovi mixed song fits the class perfectly. The choreography fits well with the song but is not surprising in any way. The 4 lows and single squats carry over from BodyPump 76, and there is no stinger in the tail. So these squats are a little (just a little!) Easier than last time. But I love the song, so it’s okay.

Chest: DJ Got Us Fallin ‘in Love – Usher ft. Pitbull

The danger Les Mills faces in implementing a Top 40 song is that it will fade when the workout hits gyms around the world – this time that’s not the case. This rocking song gets me kicking every time and makes chest training my personal favorite. The movements are the same as those found in the beautiful day of U2, there are no surprises. Instead, the simple movements are repeated until the end of the song with a single break, a very effective workout.

Back: Hold Me Tonight – Manian

Song 4 is the first tune that clearly breaks with the formula established in BodyPump 76. The choreography includes a new movement that requires the pumpers to push the weights above the shoulder line 3 times, with 4 repetitions. (Damn, I forgot the trendy name Les Mills gave him …)

Most people will find this song more difficult compared to the previous one, but for me personally, it is not that difficult. Also keep in mind that technique is very important, do it the wrong way and you won’t be aiming for your back at all!

Triceps: I like it – Tokyo Haze

I hate this song! His original (by Enrique Iglesias) does not inspire at all and the rhythm lacks force. The movements are more repetitive than last time and about the same in difficulty. Simple movements with the bar, including presses and overheads, are repeated to the end.

Biceps: Diamond Eyes (boom-lay boom-lay boom) – Shinedown

This song is tough! The main combo includes 8 (!) Halves and 4 full bicep curls. That’s a very difficult combo and it squeezes all of your biceps. There is a break in the middle and some easy moves that make the perfect recovery towards the final set that includes 8 halves and 8 full curls. The first two times I did this song, my arms ached the next day, so this exercise pays dividends. Although I don’t like music.

Lunges: only girl in the world – Nick Skitz vs DJ Lotus

BodyPump 77 includes dynamic lunges, static lunges, and squats to top it off. The song is especially aimed at the girls in the class, which I think is the majority. Dynamic lunges are a lot of fun and fit well with the music; a great way to practice technique and stability. The kicker is two sets of 8 lower squats; definitely a full hand.

Shoulder: Ti Sento – Scooter

In difficulty, this song compares to the previous version of BodyPump. Start with a series of push-ups followed by the fly (arms straight). The song marks four sets, accompanied by quick breaks in between. Overall, it feels satisfying and adapts well to music. By the time the opera starts, you’ll feel like a superhero flying around the outskirts in search of crime.

Abs: We don’t speak American – Yolanda be cool vs DCUP

Remember when I said that the delay between production and releases can sometimes slow down the enthusiasm for a popular song? Well, BodyPump 77 song 9 seems to be an example of that claim. Personally, I love it and I think the choreography fits well, but some people I’ve talked to find the song “last year” and hate it. The happy song (no arguing here!) Features two main movements: hovering and crunches. Abs definitely on fire after this one.

Cooldown: One Last Chance – Daughtry

A simple indie pop song always works for me and does it again. It’s very similar to the previous BodyPump (Kris Allen) chill song and this might as well set a trend that I’m totally in favor of.

BodyPump 77 carries over most of the musical genres and movements found in last quarter’s release. Some songs are great (chest, abs), while others are one step below the previous exit (triceps). Overall, the launch is decent but nothing special.

Rating: 7/10 – A decent release but not groundbreaking in any way.

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