It’s that time of year when everyone sets their New Year’s resolutions and dreams of all they can achieve. Some will promise to go to the gym every morning, others to earn more money.

But what about improving your most important relationship this year?

Too often in relationships we become complacent and just accept that once we’re in a relationship we don’t have to keep working. Remember when you had that first spark and you were having romantic dinners and really spending quality time together.

As time goes by, so does the effort we put into our partner, and obviously, they will eventually feel unappreciated. So why not commit to being a better partner and lover?

Unfortunately, most men don’t know anything about really pleasing a woman in the bedroom. But it’s not our fault… after all, it’s not like someone taught us these things in school. However, it is never too late to learn.

And believe me, the results are worth it. If he’s discovered that her sex life has slowed down, he can give it a jump start by learning how to turn on his lover’s mind and body. All it takes is a little knowledge to make your lover sit up and take notice.

If you learn to tease your body, build anticipation, and last longer, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a great lover in the sack. And your partner will appreciate it more than you can imagine. It will rekindle the spark in your sex life that may have been extinguished many years before.

Learning about a woman’s mind makes it very easy to please her. Men are very physical creatures and that is why we find it difficult to really wow a woman in the bedroom. We just don’t understand how important the mental and emotional aspects of sex are to her.

But 2009 is the year to improve your sex life and your relationship. If you’re willing to learn, there’s no stopping you, so get out there and knock his socks off!

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