Wondering why your knee brace is not working so well? These are some of the things to pay attention to when you have knee brace problems.

1.) If your knee brace is hinged, it is best to make sure that the hinges are located next to the knee joint and that the knee brace is not twisted. If the hinges are not very well aligned and the brace is crooked, this will cause one hinge to slide forward compared to the other. When the joint is misaligned, a simple movement like bending the knee can be uncomfortable.

2.) Usually knee supports are made so that everyone outside of you can read the writing on the brace in the correct way. You should generally not be able to look down at the brace while it is on you and be able to read everything very easily.

What we are trying to say here is that if people outside of you can read the brand name of your brace correctly upwards, that means that you have the brace on the right side up (that is, you are not mouth down).

At a glance, many knee braces can look the same, and we’ve seen enough people wear their braces backwards; even doctors. So we decided to include this section on how to make sure the brace is on the correct side up.

3.) Does the corset slip when you wear it? Well, one of the reasons this happens is that the knee support is not tight enough. When you get a knee brace, no matter what brand it is, etc., it is important that you wear it tight (not tight where you lose circulation. There is a balance). A loose knee brace will slide down and do you no good!

Also, if you have trouble getting your brace to fit, you should think about when you got it. Although some knee supports will last you a long time, you will need to think about whether the elastic material is too stretched. If you wear an elastic knee support, for example, and you wear it when you exercise or walk a good distance, you will naturally sweat. – Over a year or two, this could add up and cause the elastic part of the brace to stretch. This can cause you a problem over time, if you are trying to achieve the optimal fit you once had with the stand.

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