Inkjet printing technology creates realistic wood prints on porcelain tile backgrounds that are affordable, strong, attractive and water resistant. Get the most striking effects of the wood environment wherever you want it.

1. Lay out the tiles in a colorful pattern around the dining room.

Consider the advantages over real old wood! Porcelain will not scratch. It is a hygienic environment with porcelain that will last for years. Porcelain requires very little maintenance and prevents the ingress of water.

2. Feature panels in living spaces.

Install a new look around the living room. Feature panels are warm and contemporary. Visually divide the space or create a focal point. Add an imaginative touch with wild wood tiles and totem wood tiles.

3. Basket weave effect

A basket weave pattern means a lot in the home for its charm and status. Create bold floors with single or dual colors.

4. Assemble a variety of colors and designs

An effect of depth comes from joining several recipes of wood within the room, if you feel like it.

5. Creativity without borders

Imagination reveals many inlay patterns. Designs must be appropriate for the home environment. Avoid making it too complex with lots of patterns. Place casual borders or put lots of shades together.

6. Install accent walls

The wood effect on the walls brings back sweet memories of yesteryear and long gone traditions. The trend will never fade, whether in luxury homes or studio apartments. Gorgeous print effects make it all possible and you can install the effects of your dreams. Import the ‘wow’ and ‘aha’ factor directly into the home.

7. The parquet effect makes a strong comeback

The traditional solid wood floor effect is possible as an imitation of parquet flooring. While real hardwood floors would cost a lot and require a lot of care, porcelain has all the advantages plus perfect wood patterns. Try parquet tiles and wood tiles for hypnotic effects.

8. A world outdoors

Going out into the open garden that surrounds you with its feeling of freedom is the message of Alfresco. Imagine the garden room as an extension of the house. The beach effect and the rustic flavor rule.

9. Go transition

The combination of materials with different patterns and textures creates interesting intermediate spaces in the dining and kitchen areas or in the entrance hall. Hexagon Floor Tiles and Wild Wooden Floor Tiles are unique creations.

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