If you’re shopping for a new vehicle and a spare tire is important to you, be sure to pay attention to everything that comes with your potential new car. This is because many automakers no longer put replacement tires on newer model vehicles. If you find this interesting, wait until you know why some producers have chosen this practice. Read on for the top 4 reasons some new cars don’t come with a spare tire option.

1) Improved fuel efficiency

With the trending green movement becoming so popular that it’s almost ingrained in most consumers’ buying tendencies, it’s no surprise that many automakers are trying to improve the fuel efficiency of their vehicles. One effort to accomplish this has been to eliminate the additional weight of a spare tire. This may seem like a trivial amount, but the absence of a spare tire can reduce the overall weight of a vehicle by 30 to 50 pounds. This is because you also have to consider the additional weight of the jack and wrench. The benefits of this type of disposal also help automakers meet strict EPA guidelines.

2) Larger storage space

While it may not seem like a simple donut or spare can take up a lot of space, in smaller vehicles, its absence can make a world of difference. Vehicles like sports cars, compact cars, green cars, electric cars, and even smaller sedans can benefit from missing a part. The extra spaces allow for a more comfortable ride.

3) Batteries and Emissions Equipment

Unlike adding more storage space, removing a spare tire is a must for many automakers because there is so much space taken up by other equipment. This includes hybrids, electric and diesel cars. The batteries and emissions equipment on these vehicles occupy the space that would normally house a spare.

4) Decreased manufacturing costs

Eliminating a spare tire naturally saves automakers money; millions, in fact. However, many automakers use those savings to improve other mechanical, cosmetic, and performance features. So sometimes it’s a “give and take” situation.

What to do without a spare

If you are the driver of a vehicle that is missing a part, either because it was manufactured that way or you simply don’t have one, there are still options for you down the road. You can always buy the right size donut or replacement for your vehicle, along with the right tools (ie jack, torque wrench, road triangles, etc.).

If you ever come across a flat on the side of the road without one, you can contact a 24-hour emergency roadside assistance service. Some insurance policies cover roadside assistance needs or have their own roadside assistance service. Simply dial the number and wait for help to arrive. Most emergency roadside assistance services operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This is why they are called “emergency” roadside assistance services.

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