It’s the special touches that make your child’s wooden playhouse stand out from the crowd. All children like to feel special. When your outdoor playhouse is equipped with unique accessories, you can’t stop how excited your child will be to learn that you have the coolest playhouse in the neighborhood.

Here is a list of 15 amazing wooden playhouse accessories that your child will love:

  1. Bell: Won’t your child love it when a bell rings to call his friends to visit his playhouse? What kids don’t love to ring the bell?
  2. Doorbell: Kids love doorbells, and just like mom and dad’s house, they would like to have a doorbell for their own playhouse.
  3. Door Knocker: A door knocker, especially one that has his name on it, is a fun accessory for when neighborhood kids come to visit the playhouse. This feature is a good alternative if a doorbell is not a real possibility.
  4. Telescope – Children are intrigued by the stars and the night sky. A telescope fosters this interest in astronomy. Simply mount a telescope to the porch railing and the playhouse will be easily propelled to a universal space station.
  5. Planters: in spring and summer, planters full of overflowing colors illuminate the entrance of a wooden playhouse. Planters come in all sizes and can make your playhouse look and feel more inviting.
  6. Mailbox – Who doesn’t love getting mail? Kids have fun playing post office and sending postcards and packages to their friends, so don’t forget to add this essential accessory to the playhouse.
  7. Address Plate or Marker – Of course, if you have a mailbox, you need to have an address marker!
  8. Curtains – Curtains help personalize a playhouse and make it more attractive and personalized for your child.
  9. Floor Tiles – Self-adhesive tiles can help transform an unfinished hardwood floor into a more beautiful, nicer-looking playhouse. These tiles can be found in numerous colors and styles and best of all, they stand up to the wear and tear of children’s play.
  10. Cork board for works of art: How many works of art does a growing child generate? A lot! Children need a place to display their many drawings, posters, and pictures. Give them a chance to display their artwork with a cork bulletin board.
  11. Shelves – Children have many toys, books, and treasures that they like to have available to play with or display. Shelves in a playhouse allow your child to easily access these items.
  12. Toy Box – Toy boxes in a playhouse can be used for multiple purposes. Not only can a toy box be used to store toys, but it can also be used as a changing table or certainly an additional seat like a bench.
  13. Weather Vane – Not every home has a weather vane and that is true of a child’s playhouse. Weather vanes come in many shapes and styles and can make your child’s playhouse a part of other wooden playhouses in the neighborhood.
  14. Flagpole: With so many flags, banners, and pennants available today, it’s a fairly inexpensive and fun way for your child to express their individuality.
  15. Solar Powered Accent Lights: When kids have fun playing outside, they don’t realize how quickly it can get dark. The lights that line the playhouse at dusk and at night are a great safety feature for your children’s playhouse.

Help differentiate your child’s wooden playhouse from other neighborhood playhouses by adding special features or items. Make your child feel special by helping him choose accessories to personalize his play space. The 15 awesome accessory tips will have you thinking of items your child will love for their own playhouse.

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